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The Hound’s deleted line from season 7 premiere could explain how the White Walkers will cross the Wall



July 21st, 2:40am July 21st, 2:40am Amrit PratyushAn engineering student by profession who is at heart a true fan of Game of Thrones and loves to think and put those ideas on paper. Influenced by GRRM, Amish Tripathi and sacred texts from Indian Mythology. Yes, I strongly believe in God.

The premier episode of season 7 of Game of Thrones indeed had many ‘Whoa’ moments, but a significant segment which clearly established a podium for Night King’s invasion of Westeros was exceptionally well crafted.

Yes, we are talking about the Thoros of Myr– Sandor “the Hound” Clegane segment where Clegane has a vision in the fire. His description of the place in the show is as such “It’s where the wall meets the sea. There is a castle there.” But if noticed keenly, there is a subtle pause in these two lines while Rory Mccann (a.k.a The hound) recites them. All thanks to HBO’s post premiere recap release, we got to know Clegane’s original lines. “It’s where the wall meets the sea. The waves are frozen. There is a castle there.” Clearly, the topography describes the Eastwatch-by-the-Sea. Yes, the same castle which Tormund and his wildling buddies are about to man on Jon’s command.

Now, we last remember, Jon fought the walkers at Hardhome and his retreat(inflicted by defeat) was by the course of sea by ships. The chase by the dead was halted once they were away from the land. Now if the sea is actually frozen, the escape is tough. To substantiate the theory, there is a scene from the season trailer where Jon and tormund can be seen running. With a close look, it seems possible that what they are running on is not land, but frozen waters. No speculations need to be made for stating that they are running away from the Walkers, intimidated after facing yet another defeat.

Now, turning our gaze to the Brotherhood and their probable course of action considering the aforementioned segment, they will probably continue their road up to the Wall where they shall attempt a heroic yet foolhardy to face the Walkers on their own. Trailers show Beric Dondarrion holding the flaming sword and all set for a battle. Also a band of swordsmen can be seen encircled and surrounded by the supreme enemy as the Night King’s literal storm howls upon them. The sequence might be the possible exclusion of the Brotherhood from the show.


These evidences make a clear indication about the first front of the battle against the walkers this season will definitely be Eastwatch, and this time the topographical advantage shall be for the dead with absolutely no leeway of escape for the living whatsoever. If this theory of frozen sea deems to be true, the role of Daenerys Targaryen and her dragons will be more prominent than ever and it would be fascinating to see her dragons breathe fire to melt the frozen lakes.

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