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Lena Headey talks about her emotional goodbye to Game of Thrones on Jimmy Kimmel Live




The much-anticipated and awaited final season of Game of Thrones is coming soon and each week brings in some or the other new update about it. We’ve had a number of interviews of the cast members like Sophie Turner, Gwendoline Christie, and others and more are expected as we cover another milestone towards April 14. And, this time it’s Lena Headey – Cersei Lannister from the show who had an exclusive interview on Jimmy Kimmel Live.

Cersei Lannister – one of the most critically acclaimed human-villains in Game of Thrones has a lot ahead in the final season. While fans believe she is going to die this season, the Valonqar prophecy, and much more regarding her story arc, Lena totally roots for her character.

At first, when Jimmy asked her about her long hair instead of Cersei Lannister’s blonde short hair (“Turnip” in Lena’s words), Lena replied:

“It’s a wig…It’s the itchy ‘turnip’…I wish I had burned it…Oh, I would burn it but they [David and Dan] would sue me but I’d like to…”

Lena then talked about finishing the filming of the series in October 2018 and being the twelfth one out of it but trying not to give away anything. Then, talking about receiving the scripts every season and the table-reads, she said:

“They usually give us all of them and if anyone says they don’t flick to the end, they’re lying…And then we had a big read-through. We didn’t do one until this final season when we were all in Belfast. It was really emotional.”

Lena also talked about being one of the culprits and screwing up during the table-reads the cast and crew had for Season 8. Like every cast member talking about being emotional in the end and what it was being on Game of Thrones for the last time, she revealed:

“I was like, ‘It’s been nine years, it’s been amazing, and I’m happy to go and find new things’, and then I knew David and Dan – our creators, were doing speeches and giving everybody these drawings of the storyboards, and I suddenly got really emotional at the end, trying to head down the stairs, and they all rushed up and trapped me. And then they gave the speech; it was really moving!”

What the new season would bring for her and other characters would be worth watching! Watch the full interview here:

What was your reaction to Lena Headey talking about her final act on Game of Thrones and her infuriating ‘turnip’ wig? Tell us in the comments.


The year 2020 has been the Red Wedding for everyone around the world. Looking at the current scenario, stepping out of quarantine seems to be a big risk. People are cautious and suspicious of each other, scared of contamination. Under such dire conditions, normal life sounds like a fantasy. Game of Thrones star Sophie Turner and husband Joe Jonas are trying hard to give their new-born daughter a normal life.

The young couple went out for a walk with their daughter Willa in Los Angeles on Wednesday. Turner was seen in a T-shirt and black leggings, while Jonas was rocking the buzzcut he dyed pink for Breast Cancer Awareness Month while. They were pushing Willa in a black baby carriage.


Both the high-profile parents were keeping it low-key and were wearing properly secured black face masks. Since becoming parents in July 2020, Joe Jonas and Sophie Turner have been focusing more on their baby and less on sharing details of their private life.

Sophie earlier made headlines with an Instagram post, when she brought a prop from Game of Thrones set back home. She welcomed the wooden Throne of Winterfell at her home, which had an intricately carved dire-wolf on it.

Turner and Jonas are trying their best to be good parents for little Willa. Feel free to express your good wishes for their cute family in the comments below!


Every TV show or movie has that one person who lights up the screen on their entrance. Game of ThronesTormund Giantsbane, played by Kristopher Hivju, was one such character who’s loved by fans for his hilarious puns and looks worldwide.

Kristofer Hivju turned in heads on Instagram with a picture of his new look. Fans were shocked to see a beardless Tormund Giantsbane. Hivju had rocked the beard ever since he auditioned for the role. The beard was an essential part of his wildling look.

Earlier this year, Hivju was tested positive for Coronavirus. He has recovered quickly after spending weeks in quarantine with his wife. The Game of Thrones star is participating in the PCS Open, a Professional Disc Golf Association B tournament in Norway. He apparently shaved his beard ahead of the contest.

However, Kristofer has assured his fans that his beard is coming back soon. The head of Brienne of Tarth fan club is well-known for growing a lush beard rather quickly. When he first came to shoot for the show, it took only 4 months and 17 days for him to grow a full-red beard!

Hivju’s Tormund Giantsbane was one of the most loved characters in the TV series. What are your thoughts about his new look? Let us know in the comments below!


Game of Thrones’ cast has been known to donate to charity from time to time. Nikolaj Coster-Waldau, who played Jaime Lannister on the show has been working as a goodwill ambassador for UNDP for the past 4 years. He recently launched a platform for grassroots giving called Dandi.

Waldau did a Reddit AmA about the charitable website. It is natural for Game of Thrones fans all around the world to shower him with questions about the show and his character. The actor chose to avoid all such questions.

I am actor Nikolaj Coster-Waldau. You may remember me as Jaime Lannister on GoT… I’ve just launched a platform for grassroots giving called Dandi. AMA! from IAmA

Nikolaj however was happy to answer questions about his fellow cast members. He answered one of the hilarious questions about him and Pilou Asbaek (Euron Greyjoy) planning a Danish takeover of Hollywood in secret. (Check out how they celebrated Danish independence day)

Coster-Waldau also explained to one of his Indian fans, the inspiration for the name of his website.

Some Game of Thrones fans couldn’t hold themselves back. They began to post funny puns and comments related to the show. Waldau answered none.

Nikolaj explained his work as a UNDP goodwill ambassador.

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When your favorite stars take a step towards making the world a better place, it is surely a soothing sight. What do you think about his initiative? Tell us in the comments below!


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