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Game of Thrones might move back to Dubrovnik for season 7 filming



Game of Thrones is currently filming its seventh season in Spain. For the first five seasons, Dubrovnik, a city in Croatia, was the location for King’s Landing. However, in Season 6, most of the shooting for the location was moved to Spain. We just had one scene which was shot in Dubrovnik and it involved the part where Cersei comes to greet her daughter, Myrcella, but finds out that she’s dead. It seemed that Game of Thrones had permanently moved from Dubrovnik, but there are chances that the production might shift back to Dubrovnik for filming some scenes.

According to a report by The Dubrovnik Times, a hiring company which has worked for HBO to hire extras for Game of Thrones, called Embassy Films, has now posted a new casting call on its Facebook page. The post goes as follows :-

For filming of the TV series we need:
– stronger small, age 20+, 173 to 188 cm tall,
– female, age 18+, 158 to 173 cm tall.
Shooting will take place in Dubrovnik, middle of December.

You can apply for the casting over here.

While there is absolutely no mention that this call is for Game of Thrones, there is some chance that it might be. Game of Thrones has last used Dubrovnik to film Myrcella’s arrival and the same spot was used to film the scene from season 2, where she left King’s Landing for Dorne. It might be possible that the production team wants to use the same spot once again but at the moment it’s just a speculation.

Do you think this casting call is for Game of Thrones? Tell us in the comments, below!

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