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Check out this infographic explaining Robert's Rebellion in detail!




Game of Thrones is a great show with an even greater fandom. We have seen some great stuff coming from the fans, and continue to do so, and most of this stuff comes from Reddit. As you know, the events of Game of Thrones are shown to start 17 years after Robert’s Rebellion, which is an event that we’ve seen being heavily referenced to. A Redditor has now made an infographic, explaining Robert’s Rebellion in detail. Read on!

The infographic is made by Redditor KingInTheNorthish, who posted it to the Game of Thrones subreddit.Check it out, below :


The infographic is great, and jumps even into certain details that the show has skipped. What would definitely like to see this Redditor cover more events in the history of Westeros. What do you think? Talk to us in the comments, down below!


Game of Thrones is a giant fandom which has a lot of talented fans. While most of us are busy spinning theories that might never see fulfilled, there are some really talented ones that get into fan art. Today, we have one such fan, Robbin Gregorio, who is an illustrator and designer from Philippines, who has made some really detailed paper cut-out art, which are caricatures of Game of Thrones characters. Let’s jump right in, and take a look at them:

image-0-compressed-6849601 image-1-compressed-8488602 image-2-compressed-7037008 image-3-compressed-9899630 image-4-compressed-8285532 image-5-compressed-8687783 image-6-compressed-9190301 image-7-compressed-1990096 image-8-compressed-5319971 image-9-compressed-1047347

What do you think about this? Make sure your follow the artist on Instagram. Talk to us in the comments, down below!


Game of Thrones is a massive fandom, and some of the fans are just way too dedicated and and involved, to the point where they put in a lot of effort to create something as an homage to the show. We have fan-art, we have fan-fiction, and we have cosplays. Today, we have a cosplay of one of the older couples on the show, that sadly fell apart: Jon Snow, and his Wildling lover, Ygritte. Read on!

Now, while the pair fell apart, the actors playing them, Kit Harington, and Rose Leslie, are very much a real life couple, and they recently got engaged, and are scheduled to be wed later this year. As a celebration of their love, check out this brilliant cosplay of the couple, by Russian models, Olya Bondarenko and Mikhail Selgis :

image-5-compressed-2-2725349 image-0-compressed-2-9024818 image-1-compressed-2-5328815 image-2-compressed-2-2131849 image-3-compressed-2-2952306 image-4-compressed-2-4508950

This is a very good cosplay, especially because they look exactly like their inspirations in a couple of the pictures. What do you think? Tell us in the comments, down below!


Game of Thrones has a huge fandom, and as such, it is no stranger to fan art. Over the years, we have seen a ton of great fan art, but today we have a new take on it. Concept artist Ricean Vlad has re-imagined Game of Thrones characters in the film-noir era. Imagine the betrayal, class, murder, power struggles and more of Game of Thrones superimposed in the era known for all those things, the age of Prohibition.

The characters to get the noir treatment are Joffrey Baratheon, Daenerys Targaryen, Tywin Lannister, Jon Snow, Ramsay Bolton, Cersei Lannister, The Hound, and Tyrion Lannister. Check out the art, below :









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How do you like them? Talk to us in the comments, down below!

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