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Best and worst moments from Game Of Thrones season 7 finale, “The Dragon and the Wolf”




5. The Dragonpit


All the different storylines are finally converging, and we got to see nearly all of the main characters together in one place for the first time. Reunions, fresh alliances, and first-time meetings were all delightful to watch. Everyone looked magnificent. And the reveal of the wight from beyond the Wall was seriously awesome.

4. Cersei the Magnificent


Love her or hate her, you can’t deny that Cersei owned this season. She turned the tables on what seemed like an inevitable loss. Even as Daenerys dismounts a dragon, Cersei doesn’t lose her cool, and lets her know that she will not tolerate anyone keeping her waiting.

Cersei also thought ahead and pretended to ally with Daenerys and Jon, meanwhile securing a better outcome for herself. Long may she reign.

3. Jaime breaks with Cersei


In one seriously tense moment, Cersei almost has the Mountain slice Jaime in two. Jaime finally stands up to his evil sister and leaves her in order to fight for the good of the realm. We’re proud of you Jaime!

2. Jon & Dany finally hook up


Depending on who you ask, this is either one of the best or one of the worst moments. Jon and Daenerys have finally done the deed, but don’t realize they’re family. Once they find out, we have to wonder how it will react. Our guess is it won’t be good.

1. Zombie Dragon destroys the Wall


What else could possibly be number one on the list? We’ve been waiting for seven years for the White Walkers to breach the wall and march South. Now, thanks to zombie-Viserion, they finally have, and Westeros is in big trouble. Maybe nothing on television has ever looked so epic as the dragon, with the Night King riding on its back, destroying the thousands-year-old wall.


5. No Cleaganebowl


Quick, let’s interrupt these important negotiations between royalty to talk about this sibling feud. Or that’s how it seemed when the Hound stepped up the Mountain with a few challenging words.

It would have been okay if it had actually resulted in the long-anticipated deathmatch between the two fearsome brothers. We demand Cleaganebowl in the final season!

4. Tyrion’s weird look


When Jon went into Daenerys’ room, there was an extended show on Tyrion’s face, peering moodily from the shadows. What’s up with that? Is he secretly in love with the dragon queen? Did he make a secret deal with Cersei?

Or did he receive a fast-travel raven from Sam and Bran with information regarding the incestuous relationship? There’s no way to know, but fans are still obsessed with discussing the possibilities.

3. Rhaegar Targaryen, Viserys Version 2.0


We FINALLY got to see Rhaegar Targaryen, and it turns out he looks almost exactly like Viserys – the petulant Targaryen brother from season 1. While looking similar to siblings is one thing, Rhaegar should have been magnificent to behold, and he just wasn’t.

2. Too little, Too late, Theon Greyjoy


Enough with Theon Greyjoy already. He’s been remorseful of his cowardly ways since before Ramsay even tortured him. Even if he possibly managed to redeem himself, I could never forgive all of the damage he’s done and the pathetic person he’s always been.

His fight with the Iron Islander was also completely unbelievable: after being thoroughly beaten, a couple full-strength knees to the groin apparently don’t affect him. News-flash for those who don’t know: knees to the groin actually hurt quite a bit, even if you don’t have a penis, and he was already beat to a pulp.

1. You got Littlefingered


Aidan Gillen’s fine acting aside, the culmination of the horrible Winterfell plot was embarrassingly bad. One of the greatest minds in Westeros should not have found himself manipulated by the Starks.

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The Stark children’s back room conniving was confusing and unjustified, and all to provide a little surprise twist for the audience.


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