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Alfie Allen says Theon will overcome the Reek phase in Game of Thrones season 7



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Game of Thrones has a variety of characters spread all over the spectrum. Character development in the series in exceptional, considering the length of the changes some characters have gone through, through the six years of the show. One of the best examples is Theon Greyjoy, played by Alfie Allen, and Alfie thinks Theon will move on from the trauma he faced in the series. Read on!

Alfie Allen seems to be doing much better than Theon, having made it to Variety’slistof 10 Brits to Watch in 2017. In the feature about the same, Alfie talked a bit about Theon. He said :

“Theon has moved on from his “Reek” years in the upcoming season of “Thrones.””

Alfie went on talk about Game of Thrones, saying “it’s basically been my 20s.” He also spoke about the friendships he made on set, and that he had “an inkling that you may be around these people for a few years to come.”

Alfie’s character Theon, has had a pretty rough life, starting with him being taken hostage by Ned Stark after Baelon Greyjoy, his father, made a failed attempt at a rebellion. He was treated nicely, but Theon was shown to have a twisted mind at times, which came to its own when he betrayrd Robb Stark, in Season 2, taking Winterfell for himself. Things then quickly went south for Theon, when Ramsay Bolton took Winterfell, and made him a prisoner, and we all know how that went : Theon became Reek. He only started to go back when Sansa Stark came back to Winterfell, this time as Ramsay’s wife, with whom he later escaped. Season 6 showed Theon be a nice guy, helping Sansa out, and then his sister Yara, with whom he escaped to meet Daenerys Targaryen, and gain her confidence, so that they could stand strong against Euron Greyjoy, his uncle, who has a claim to the throne.

SPOILER ALERT! Season 7 leaks have shown Theon and Yara getting into the rough with Euron, and they didn’t look too good. However, Alfie saying Theon will be doing better, certainly gives us new hope.

We feel like Theon might just make it to the very end. All we can do is wait till summer, which is when Game of Thrones Season 7 premieres. What do you think will happen to Theon in Season 7? Talk to us in the comments, below!


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