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We at Wiki of Thrones are looking for people who are big fans of the show/books and are interested in working with us on the site and also on our Facebook page. We have paid and unpaid openings. So without wasting much time, I’ll get into the details.

Writers (Paid):

We are looking for few writers who are willing to work with us on a long term basis. The writers will be paid per article. Please apply below only if you have read all the books or if you have watched the series many times and you know everything inside out. Now as that the season is about to begin, it’s important that you are able submit articles as soon as the episode airs or if there’s any interesting newsworthy thing that has just come out. Please don’t apply if you won’t get enough time and will be able to write just 2-3 articles a week.

Only those who have previous experience of writing before, please apply. It is important that you share links to your previously written articles as a decision will be taken based on your previous work. If you write once in a while and have something interesting to write about, please submit your post idea over here.

Facebook post creators (Unpaid):

We are also looking for people who can create content for the Facebook page. At the moment we are looking for two types of posts which are mentioned below, but if you have some interesting idea, do let us know.

Fact junkies:

For those who love sharing facts about the show/books. You will have to create image posts with interesting facts on them. You will be given proper credit for all the posts that you create. You are expected to create these posts on a daily basis, so please apply only if you can give time for creating at least one post a day.

Meme creators:

For those who love creating memes and are good at it and can create them on a “regular basis”, rather than once in a while. You will also be given credit for all your memes.

We are also looking for 2 people. One to handle the Instagram account of Game of Laughs and the other person for the Twitter account of Game of Laughs India.

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If you have any important news about House of the Dragon, The Winds of Winter, actors from the show or if you want to collaborate with us or want to write for us, please drop us a message here.


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Founder at Wiki of Thrones and a full-time Game of Thrones fan who does other work when he has finished reading and writing about Game of Thrones and also dreams about playing a role in the show.