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SPOILER ALERT! This post contains spoilers for Season 7 of Game of Thrones! Consider yourself warned! Game of Thrones is currently filming Season 7 in Spain, and spoilers are plenty. We have seen a lot of leaks from the shoot locations, and the latest one is a bit different. This leak shows a very fiery […]

You must have heard about Amazon Prime, the giant’s streaming service, which currently produces the new big thing : The Grand Tour. Well, along with the Amazon specials, now you can watch Game of Thrones and other HBO shows on Amazon Prime, too! HBO has been officially added to Amazon Channels, and a subscription will […]

In Game of Thrones, we have seen a lot characters change majorly, over the years. One of the most important transformations, perhaps even the ultimate one, has been that of Sansa Stark. From being the whiny princess stereotype to becoming as fierce as her mother used to be, Sansa has been on quite a journey. […]

SPOILER ALERT! The following post contains minor Season 7 spoilers! Consider yourself warned! Game of Thrones is currently shooting Season 7 in Spain. While we wait for it to be completed and come to us so that we can be absolutely miserable, once again, we have a lot of spoilers, and if you don’t enjoy […]

The cast and crew of Game of Thrones is currently filming Season 7 in Spain. Being one of the most popular TV series, ever, the show sees a lot of fan-made material, including a lot of spoofs and parodies. The latest, and one of the most interesting ones we’ve seen yet is titled “It’s Always […]

Game of Thrones is currently filming Season 7 in Spain, and spoilers are all around. Season 6 left us with quite an after-taste, with a lot of things to look forward to in the next season. One of the most interesting things we saw was how Sansa Stark‘s character developed. She is now quite unlike […]

All of us who are part of any fandom at all, know how intense we can get about them in our discussions and/or arguments about them. We also know how irritated our friends, who don’t share our interest in the fandom can get about our interest in them. However, a recent incident has crossed all […]

When it comes to Game of Thrones, we are pretty sure that Ramsay Bolton is the most hated character in the entire series. Now, if we jump back to reality, and think about who might be the most hated man in the history of human civilization, the Nazi leader, Adolf Hitler, is a choice many […]

All of us who are mad fans of the fantasy genre often find ourselves wondering how many of the things we read or see in the fantasy genre, actually have a possibility of being legitimate, in our plain old boring world. When it comes to Game of Thrones, that question stands. Can we fly a […]

Game of Thrones is about to enter its seventh season in 2017. On the other end George R. R. Martin, the author of A Song of Ice and Fire series, which the TV series is based upon, is yet to release the sixth book : The Winds of Winter. The TV series has surpassed the books, now, […]

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