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Game of Thrones has an impressive cast, and that is one of the reasons that makes the show so good. The cast is one of the best ever, complete with some amazing celebrity cameo appearances. Even though every single member of the cast is good at what they do, there are some who stand out, […]

Game of Thrones is on a delayed schedule this year, with Season 7 set to premiere on July 16th, which is much later than the usual timing. Now, while we wait for Season 7 to come, HBO seems to have outsourced the job of keeping the Game of Thrones fandom well fed, to Entertainment Weekly. […]

While Game of Thrones has been gone for a long time, us fans have been spending time investing ourselves in theories and predictions. Season 6 began airing over a year ago, and Season 7 is about 50 days away from now, with premiere set for July 16th. HBO has been doing a great job at […]

The LA Times has published an interesting article about how Game of Thrones has become an unlikely tale of women empowerment. We at Wiki of Thrones have talked on the same topic before and after the Game of Thrones season 6 finale, we wrote about how the 6th season belonged to the fierce conquerors that […]

Game of Thrones has quite a lot in common with the real world, and lately it has been becoming more and more obvious. The show is largely about ugly politics and power games, and it seems like our talk shows just can’t stop drawing parallels between the Trump era and Game of Thrones. Talk show […]

Game of Thrones isn’t just any TV series, but a cultural phenomenon by now. We all know how it has been gone for a long time now, longer than before, and the show is set to return with Season 7, on July 16th. HBO has been slowly upping the anticipation for Season 7, and a […]

If there’s one thing Game of Thrones doesn’t hesitate with, is killing off characters. Right from the beginning, the show has killed off even the seemingly most important characters with ease. The show has had so many deaths by now, we are beginning to lose count, but if you want a quick recap, and a […]

While we all hang on to our Home Box Offices and watch Silicon Valley to help deal with the fact that Game of Thrones is missing from the Sunday programming, HBO seems to be doing everything it can to hype it up even more. Season 7 is set to premiere on July 16th, and with […]

Game of Thrones has been gone for a while now, and the anticipation for Season 7 is at an all time high. Season 7 will premiere later than usual, with the premiere date set on the 16th of July. In the meantime, HBO has been making up for the delay by giving us a constant […]

Game of Thrones is one of the most popular shows on the planet. It has over a year since Season 6 began airing, and we have about eight weeks to go before Season 7 premieres, on July 16th. After that, we have just one more season to go, before Game of Thrones is done for […]

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