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The finale episode of Game of Thrones season 6, The Winds of Winter, gave us a lot of deaths when Cersei unleashed her Wildfire upon the Great Sept of Baelor, which included the High Sparrow and his religious fanatic puppets; Margaery Tyrell and Ser Loras Tyrell to name a few. Finn Jones, the actor who […]

Speculations about Jon Snow‘s fate now that it has been confirmed that he’s a Targaryen, are floating about, and as much as we want to, nobody really knows what’s going to happen with the King in The North in the next season of Game of Thrones. But people come up with all kinds of theories, […]

Game of Thrones season 6 ended with a literal blast, and left fans craving for more. Though the rumour mill about season 7 of the HBO fantasy drama has been brimming, there had been no official announcements from HBO for the next season in the coming year. However, EW has received official news about season 7, which consists […]

The finale episode of Game of Thrones season 6 was a bloodbath (or Wildfire bath?), and we saw the deaths of many characters that were wiped out by Cersei Lannister‘s effective Wildfire explosion at the Sept of Baelor. The notable deaths during this explosion included that of Queen Margaery Tyrell, the High Sparrow and his […]

Yara Greyjoy was introduced to us way back in Game of Thrones season 2, and her tough personality left an impression upon the viewers. However, her recent appearance in season 6 when she claimed the throne to the Iron Islands and was shot down by her uncle Euron Greyjoy, which later led her to steal […]

Game of Thrones has a lot of characters with lots of accents, and every one of them is unique in their own way. The characters on the show all have their ways of speaking, and sometimes for us fans its easy to distinguish between them without even looking at the screen. And as many accents […]

The finale episode of Game of Thrones season 6, The Winds of Winter, set the stage for season 7, where new plots will begin to emerge and we’ll see something that will form the end of the show. Theories, just like they always do, will begin to float around and some of them might even […]

The highly appreciated epic ninth episode of Game of Thrones season 6 Battle of the Bastards, gave us a marvellous representation of the Battle in the North between Ramsay Bolton and Jon Snow. The brilliantly created episode took a lot of efforts to execute, and the special effects that went into the creation of the […]

After the absolutely amazing 9th episode of season 6, Battle of The Bastards, Game of Thrones managed to set another standard for it’s mind-blowing episodes. The last episode of season 6, The Winds of Winter was quite literally mind-blowing for some of the characters, and when you think about how brilliantly it was executed, you […]

Lady Lyanna of House Mormont, the Lady of Bear Island, queen of epic badassery and kicker of asses is now one of the most admired characters on Game of Thrones after her introduction in episode 7 of season 6, The Broken Man. Despite her appearances on the episodes being short, Lyanna Mormont left a lasting […]

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