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Crazy as it is, the Game of Thrones fandom is one of the biggest in the whole world. The level of dedication, however, varies from fan to fan. While some of us choose to sit at home and watch the episodes, and maybe check some subreddits, there are others who name their kids after characters […]

Fan-art is a big part of fandoms that are as big as the Game of Thrones fandom. Ranging from things like fan-fiction to extravagant displays like Game of Thrones themed events, there’s an abundance of fans who pour in their time and patience to create things which other fans will enjoy. Since the show takes […]

It has been quite a long time since the last episode of Game of Thrones aired, and as we all know, Season 7 is running on a delayed schedule, as compared to the one before. With filming having finished by the end of February and a tiny teaser revealed at the time of the premiere […]

It has been a long time since Season 6 of Game of Thrones ended, and Season 7 has been running on a delayed schedule, as compared to the usual one. We recently were subjected to the reveal of the premiere date of Season 7 recently. HBO revealed the premiere date to be July 16th, in a […]

A Song of Ice and Fire, the series of books on which Game of Thrones, the show is based, has given birth to a wide variety of tie-ups, collaborations, merchandise and publications. For those of you who don’t know, Dynamite Entertainment publishes A Song of Ice and Fire comic books. The first book, A Game […]

SPOILER ALERT! This post contains a potential major Game of Thrones Season 7 spoiler. Proceed at your own risk! Since it has been a long time since we last saw a new episode of Game of Thrones, cast interviews, especially the candid ones where the stars tend to reveal stuff we don’t know, are the […]

As most of you know by now, Game of Thrones Live Concert Experience is doing really well, and why wouldn’t it? The show has had amazing music over the years, and what can be a better way to honor that by making a concert out of it? Led by the music composer of the show, […]

It has been quite a while since we got a new book from George R. R. Martin in the A Song of Ice and Fire series, and we have been talking about how we might get the next book, The Winds of Winter this year, but we also know that there is a chance that […]

As far as killing off important character goes, Game of Thrones certainly takes the top spot, and that is the beauty of the show. In its six seasons till now, the show has killed off so many characters we thought to be important, and it seems to do so without flinching. Game of Thrones is adapted […]

Fan theories are abundant in the Game of Thrones fandom, and we have all kinds of them, right from downright crazy, to believable, and some that have even been proved true. Reddit is always the mother-lode of these fan theories, and the latest one is about Jon Snow, and it talks about how Jon might discover […]

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