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People who have watched episode 2 of season six of game of thrones are loathing Ramsay Snow right now. His cruelty levels have hit a new low in this season and its absolutely loathsome and disgusting to watch the entire thing. Most people didn’t even think Ramsay’s cruelty could get worse after seeing him raping […]

Jon Snow is back and the world couldn’t be a happier place (at least for a while). The episode titled ‘Home’ which was telecast on May 1st finally gave a declaration about Jon’s return after Melisandre made an attempt to reincarnate him. Since fans around the world were speculating Jon’s return, it became an utmost […]

The latest Game of Thrones episode, Home was an exciting episode and it had one scene that made Game of Thrones fans very happy. No points for guessing, it was Jon Snow’s resurrection. Fans had been waiting for this scene to happen since Game of Thrones season 5 finale, when Jon Snow was stabbed by […]

Game of Thrones season 6 episode 2 which was titled Home had lot of surprises in store for the fans. We saw Bran Stark’s visions, the wildlings storming Castle Black just in the nick of time to save Ser Davos and the other Brothers of Night’s Watch who were protecting Jon Snow’s dead body, Jaime […]

Fans of the A Song of Ice and Fire book series and also the TV show have always loved theories. Once in a while you come across fans who have dug deep into the books and come across theories that shock and surprise you. The most popular fan theory is R + L = J […]

Ramsay Bolton has always been a character whom the Game of Thrones fans have hated since the time he was introduced on the show. He is one heartless, violent, sadistic character who can torture and kill anyone if they come in his path. We have already seen how he constantly tortured Theon Greyjoy and renamed […]

The majority of book readers will tell you A Feast for Crows was their least favorite book in the series of A Song of Ice and Fire. I’m not that majority, in fact, A Feast for Crows, so far, has been my favorite book of the series. It helps a lot that House Martell is […]

This post contains spoilers for Season 6, Episode 2 of Game of Thrones titled “Home.” If you’re not caught up, now is the time to leave. It’s finally happened. The moment fans have been waiting for. It’s almost been a year since season 5 ended, when we witnessed one of the biggest deaths on the show. […]

Game of Thrones season 6 episode 2 was one amazing episode in which we saw some unexpected events, some horrible ones, and some that made use very happy. One of those scene involved Bran Stark visiting Winterfell with the Three-Eyed Raven and seeing young Ned, Lyanna and Benjen Stark and also the young Hodor, who’s […]

05/02/2016 Trevor Tuknrolle Perkins

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Now that season 6 is officially underway we finally traveled beyond the wall and met Bran Stark after two long years. We finally saw him train and make better use of the abilities he has. Everything from here on out is new to us book readers as well as the people who just watch the […]


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