House of The Dragon Episode 9 reveals Larys Strong’s weird fetish

Fans know that the Game of Thrones franchise does not shy away from showing off sexual proclivities, and the prequel House of The Dragon is following quite closely in the footsteps of its predecessor.

n the latest episode of House of The Dragon, The Green Council, the Greens are taking hold of King’s Landing after King Viserys’ death. Alicent, believing in her conviction about Aegon II being named as his heir by Viserys and emboldened by her strongest allies, Otto, Criston Cole, and Larys Strong,

Larys Strong is the main source of information for the Greens, and in one of the scenes in episode 9, he comes to Alicent Hightower while she is scheming her next move. However, he hints that information is not free, and Alicent removes her shoes to which Larys reveals that Mysaria, 

He further insists to see her bare feet to divulge more, and she does, a bit frustratingly, taking off her socks. He’s visibly excited and tells her that one of those spies is her maid Talya, who we have seen in the previous episode working for Mysaria.

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