House of The Dragon Episode 10 preview shows the beginning of the Dance of the Dragons

Game of Thrones prequel House of The Dragon has been nothing less than spectacular so far. The show has moved past its time skips, and we are nearing the end of Season 1 where all the characters are ready to take arms against each other in the upcoming civil war.

Rhaenyra finally comes to know of her father, King Viserys’ death and it is evident some days have passed since she was last in King’s Landing. Her pregnancy has progressed, and she is confused especially after how she remembered making amends with Alicent during their last meeting. 

Daemon begins to prepare for war, gathering the army for the Blacks. Otto, on behalf of Alicent, goes to Dragonstone to coax the blacks into peace offering them Driftmark and Dragonstone.

War Prepration Begins

Beginning of the Dance of the Dragons

The preview also teases an ominous battle that takes place at Storm’s End, and that will officially mark the beginning of the Dance of the Dragons.

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