Decoding Helaena’s “Beware the beast beneath the boards” prophecy from House of the Dragon Episode 8

The Murder Which Starts the War

While Jacaerys delivers his toast to his uncles, Aegon and Aemond, Helaena delivers that line. She might be warning Jacaerys of what’s to come.

Blood and Cheese

Blood was a butcher, and Cheese was a ratcatcher. Mysaria hired them under Daemon’s commands. Their mission was to exact revenge for the death of Lucerys.

The White Worm

The White Worm is the moniker of Mysaria. We see her as Daemon’s lover, and then again in episode 8, solidifying her position as the Master of Whisperers.

Beware the rats

Rats have been popping up unceremoniously all over the Red Keep. We see them near Balerion’s altar, at Rhaenyra and Laenor’s wedding, and once more in King Viserys’ bedroom.

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