Aemond and Aegon had a secret conversation in Episode 8 of House of the DragonThe Green Council

House of the Dragon episode 8 was about love, hate, and everything in between. We can not choose one moment to be the highlight of the scene because there was one jaw-dropping moment after the other.

In Episode 8, fans remember the secret conversation between Aemond and Aegon

Aegon is heard telling Aemond, “You do not drink enough,”

Aemond: “You drink more than a Braavosi Sea Lord.”

Aegon ends the talk of drinks, saying, “I drink just the right amount.”

Also the one-eyed prince remarks, “Even when the noose is so tight, they expect us to break bread.”

The children seem more tightly strung than the adults, jumping at each other’s throats, especially Aemond. The reason behind not captioning the short conversation is unknown.

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