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We are hiring Game of Thrones writers!



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At Wiki of Thrones, we are searching for Game of Thrones fans who would like to earn money by writing about the show that they love watching. We are looking for writers for the following categories:

  1. Freelance writer who covers the news and information about the upcoming season, cast news, interviews etc.
  2. Freelance writer who writes Game of Thrones list articles.

Details of the job.

1. For the people who want to cover Game of Thrones related news:

The writer will be covering all the news related to the current Game of Thrones season, actors. Take a look at the articles on this site to get a better idea about the type of posts that you will be writing about. It includes interviews given by the cast regarding the latest episode or news relating to the episodes, like the titles and synopsis for upcoming episodes that have been released or covering the news about any theories that have been proposed by fans.

It is a work from home job and the writer is expected to submit at least 1-2 articles a day. Work hours are flexible and the writer can work at any time of the day. However it would be preferable if the writer is free to write posts at night or in the morning as that’s the time when most of the news relating to Game of Thrones comes out. The writer should know how to use WordPress and have basic photo editing skills (cropping images, resizing etc).

Only apply for this position if you can submit articles on a daily basis. Make sure you have a properly functioning PC/laptop with a good internet connection. Sunday is a holiday.

2. For people who want to submit Game of Thrones based list posts:

There is no daily article requirement for this slot. If you have an idea for a Game of Thrones list post, you can submit us the idea and if we approve it, you can submit the finished post and you will be paid for it. You can send the post whenever you want to.

Once again, the writer should know how to use WordPress and have basic photo editing skills (cropping images, resizing etc).

Here are some examples of list articles:

You can apply for any of the two slots by using the contact form given below.

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If you have any important news about House of the Dragon, The Winds of Winter, actors from the show or if you want to collaborate with us or want to write for us, please drop us a message here.


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