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Warner Bros to adapt George R. R. Martin’s fable of ‘Adara’ and her ‘Ice Dragon’

The fan base of Game of Thrones is ever increasing. This highly binge-watched TV show broke our hearts with its last two episodes where we saw Dany’s baby Viserion dying and siding with the evil Night King. Various Game Of Thrones fans, theorists, and YouTubers believed it turning into a wight or ice dragon and this debate still goes on!

Although we still have ample time to figure out that with the final season of GOT months away, we’ve got a great news for you fans over here. And, it’s that Warner Bros Animation is planning to bring George R.R. Martin’s children novella ‘The Ice Dragon’ to the big screens.

George’s novella ‘The Ice Dragon’ presents to us a short fictional fable of a young girl named ‘Adara’ and her friend, an ice dragon, and their endless adventures. But, the author himself denies any connections of this legendary beast with the setting of “A Song of Ice and Fire”.

However, for us – the Game Of Thrones fans it would really be interesting to wait and watch how well the Warner Bros adapt George’s fabulous fictional ice dragon.

So, what were your thoughts on this great news that we bring to you? Let us know in the comments section down below!