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Video takes you through 12,000 years of Game of Thrones history in 11 minutes!

Game of Thrones is such a great show largely because it is based off of books that are pure genius. George R. R. Martin has done a fantastic job in imagining a universe that has such levels of detail that many of us cannot fully connect what he has written. We have heard from George himself about how much history of Game of Thrones he has imagined, and recently, he even promised us two new books about Targaryen history. There is a lot of history from the universe that is documented and undocumented, and a new fanmade video now shows pretty much all of the known history, condensed. Read on!

YouTuber whycreate has now made a video, which fits 12,000 years of Song of Ice and Fire history into 11 minutes. It covers everything from the First men, leading up to the latest events. Watch the video, below :

The video illustrates how every little detail has a story behind it. whycreate has done a great job in representing the whole timeline. It’s a great watch if you want a quick lesson on the history of the show. How did you like it? Talk to us in the comments, down below!

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