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Video shows supercut of all 174,373 deaths from Game of Thrones


Game of Thrones is a show famous for being the show with unlimited sex and murder. While the show does carry a powerful storyline, it has had a fair share of gore, and we have lost count of how many people have gotten killed on the show over its seven season run. However one passionate YouTuber has now made a supercut video for us, showing every single of the 174,373 deaths on the show. Read on!

The video, made by YouTuber Leon Andrew Razon Compilations, run a little under 24 minutes, and shows the 174,373 deaths we have seen over the years. Watch it below :

It covers the entire length of the show, starting from the very first scene, where the Night’s Watch finds wildlings, right to the last one, when the Night King blows a huge chunk of the Wall. This is basically an update to the YouTuber’s older video showing supercut of deaths from seasons 1-6.

We’re definitely looking forward to where the number reached as Season 8 closes. If Valar Morghulis is actually, literally, true, then perhaps it will be all of them. What do you think? Talk to us in the comments, down below!


It has been over a decade since the last Game of Thrones book was released. Fans have been waiting impatiently for George R. R. Martin to finish the next book in the series, The Winds of Winter. Meanwhile, they’re still trying to uncover what they can about where the novels are going, in some cases unearthing new evidence from sources years old.

Novelist and A Song of Ice and Fire fan BryndenBFish recently posted a new find on the series subreddit: “Back in the day, George RR Martin read part of Victarion’s first chapter from TWOW at tiff bell lightbox [in 2012],” he wrote. “But he only read part of the chapter. I was re-watching George read this chapter, and then I noticed something at the end of the reading.”

At the very end, George flipped to the next page of the Victarion chapter for a brief moment, didn’t read any further and then set the manuscript aside. But for a moment, a whole page, previously unseen was visible.”

A Song of Ice and Fire fans have miraculously deciphered the code from the extremely blurry image. The first paragraph reads:

When the priest was gone, the dusky woman [illegible] the [illegible] [illegible] and [longer word but has to be a verb] and [illegible] it in the smile from hell

His left arm, the [illegible] and dressing from his arm.

[First underlined portion], he thought.”

And the second:

The [something] Victarion Greyjoy

Red Priest”

What do you think about this slight revelation? Where is the story headed in Winds of Winter? Tell us in the comments below!


Game of Thrones star Iain Glen has finally decided to join the social media platform Instagram. Guess who is the first one to welcome him? His Game of Thrones co-star Emilia Clarke! Fans of the highly popular TV series know Iain’s character Jorah Mormont shared an unrequited love for Emilia’s character Daenerys Targaryen. Though his feelings were never reciprocated, Daenerys did respect and care for him. On Monday, Emilia welcomed the veteran actor with some rare behind-the-scenes photos on Instagram.

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Glen recently made his Instagram debut and an elated Clarke shared the news with her 26.9 million followers. The actress posted a series of pictures with Glen from the sets of Game of Thrones and mentioned in the caption, “The man. The myth. The Legend @iainglen60 has joined Instagram. “Khaleeessi” My hero and my guide for over a decade. Please insta world show this man the lovin he deserves.”

Netizens were quick to respond to Clarke’s Instagram post that reminded them of the Game of Thrones and the relationship that the two characters shared on-screen. Many netizens termed it as the “friendzone” relationship. Commenting on Clarke’s latest post, Joey Santos wrote, “Friendzone re-established.” Another user remembered Glen as, “He was the hope for all those of us who were friendzoned.”

A few months ago, Game of Thrones alum Maisie Williams joined TikTok with a secret account. How do you feel about Iain Glen joining Instagram? Tell us in the comments below!

Video games and TV shows/movies have often worked hand-in-hand to help promote each other. They also provide the ultimate user experience, where players can live through their favourite films or series. Game of Thrones’ The Long Night was one of the most horrific and stressful episodes of the series. One game developer PlaySide recently released Age of Darkness, a horror survival video game heavily inspired by the Game of Thrones episode.

When starting development we were inspired by the Game of Thrones episode ‘The Long Night’,” explains James Berkelmans in an interview with PCGamesN, one of the game’s designers. “The whole idea being that when night came you had to hold your ground against a large horde of enemies, that’s where the idea of our death nights started.”

“We’ve created this system to give us the flexibility to create some amazing game moments,” says Mario Barone, another designer. “It goes without saying that the sheer amount of units our engine can allow is very impressive. Not only can we do this – but we can do so with many 3D effects and a highly detailed world.”

As the guardian of the last city, you go through an intense day/night cycle where you must balance building up your settlement and exploring the wilderness around you to hunt for valuable resources during the day. As night descends, there’s a brief window of time where enemies are tougher, but the rewards get better. When the ‘death night’ starts for real you’ll want to be behind your walls.

Are you excited about Age of Darkness? Have you ever tried other Game of Thrones based games? Talk to us in the comments below!