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VFX reels from Game of Thrones season 7 show us how Westeros was brought to life

September 5th, 12:18am August 20th, 12:41am Palash Volvoikar21. Goan. Full-time Geek. Failing in college while you fail in life. Staff writer at Wiki of Thrones.

Game of Thrones Season 7 was the finest season yet. Now, there is no denying that the story has progressed to a place where it’s impossible to watch the show without finding it breathtakingly awesome, you have to give credit to the visual effects side of it all.

The VFX element is the backbone of bringing fantasy to life, and Game of Thrones uses it wonderfully. Now that the season is over, special effects companies which did the work on Season 7 have released their VFX reels. Read on!

First off, is Mackevision, which worked on the Unsullied invasion of Casterly Rock in “The Queen’s Justice”, the armies we see outside King’s Landing in the Season 7 finale, “The Dragon and the Wolf”, and Euron Greyjoy‘s Iron Fleet as seen nearing King’s Landing in “Dragonstone.” Watch the video below :

Next up is Zoic Studios, which worked on the interiors including the Dragonstone throne room, the Citadel, the caves at Dragonstone which Jon and Daenerys visit, and the chambers under King’s Landing, and some of the battle scenes. Check out the video, below :

Even Rodeo Visual Effects have uploaded few before and after photos on their site.

How did you like the peek into the VFX process? Talk to us in the comments, down below!

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