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The Arya Stark Challenge is spreading on social media after the Battle of Winterfell twist

Episode three of the final season has come and gone and with it, so has winter. All anybody can talk about is the terrible lighting. Oh yeah, and that the Night King is as dead as a Dodo. We have everybody’s favourite assassin to thank for that. With a flying leap and a seriously sick knife trick, the biggest baddie of them all was left looking about as lively as a  doornail. Arya first showed off this move in season seven, while sparring with Brienne in the courtyards of Winterfell.

Clearly, years of grueling training with the Faceless Men paid off big time given how she pretty much made short work of an army with the potential to wipe out humanity. As far as badasses go, Arya takes the cake (dagger?). We’d gladly bend the knee before her.

Game of Thrones fans from across the world have decided to pay tribute to that particularly nifty piece of knife work. Now they might not have a Valyrian steel dagger at their disposal but being a resourceful lot, they’ve made do with everything ranging from hairbrushes to carrots. Called the #AryaChallenge, #TheArya and even #NotToday (Syrio Forel might not have lasted long, but his little life philosophy certainly did), this challenge is taking social media by storm.

Have you hopped on the #AryaChallenge bandwagon yet?