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Sean Bean talks about whether he would be up for a Game of Thrones prequel

When Game of Thrones first aired, Sean Bean’s Ned Stark was one of the most beloved characters on the show. Alas, his character didn’t survive the first season (something Sean is notoriously famous for). Ned Stark’s death did build the foundation for the Stark children to fulfil their destiny. Two years after the completion of the fantasy series, a new play about Robert Baratheon’s rebellion is under works at Broadway. The drama will bring back several of the fan-favourite characters including Ned Stark and Jaime Lannister. Let’s see what Sean Bean, who played the noble Lord of Winterfell, has to say about that.

Bean recently talked to The New York Times in an interview about his series The Snowpiercer. On being asked about the play, he said, “Is that King Robert Baratheon? I keep hearing about so many different remakes. I mean, there’s a “Lord of the Rings” series coming, too. I might be too old to play Ned Stark again. That’s the trouble, isn’t it? It depends on how far you go back, doesn’t it? I’d love to reprise the role. Maybe they could do that thing they did with Robert De Niro in “The Irishman,” do a few alterations! [Laughs.] I don’t see why not.”

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