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Saurav Jha, Author at Wiki of Thrones – Page 4 of 14

  • george-r-r-martin-congratulates-hugo-awards-finalists-and-bemoans-death-of-john-prine-2-400x240-8618043 george-r-r-martin-congratulates-hugo-awards-finalists-and-bemoans-death-of-john-prine-2-80x80-7515174

    General5 months ago

    George R. R. Martin has been keeping busy for the past few weeks. Ever since the Coronavirus outbreak began people around the world have been in…

  • sophie-turner-reads-her-favorite-childhood-story-in-a-new-video-1-400x240-7095460 sophie-turner-reads-her-favorite-childhood-story-in-a-new-video-1-80x80-8039055

    Media5 months ago

    These are undoubtedly the toughest times that mankind has faced since the last century. However the mantra of ‘when the going gets tough, the tough get…

  • rosabell-sellers-a-k-a-tyene-sand-of-game-of-thrones-auditions-for-the-sandman-400x240-4480635 rosabell-sellers-a-k-a-tyene-sand-of-game-of-thrones-auditions-for-the-sandman-80x80-7819586

    General5 months ago

    It has been almost a year since Game of Thrones ended its glorious run. It is never easy to remember all the details of a show…

  • the-premiere-of-killing-eve-season-3-starring-gemma-whelan-moved-up-by-two-weeks-400x240-5139528 the-premiere-of-killing-eve-season-3-starring-gemma-whelan-moved-up-by-two-weeks-80x80-8919448

    News6 months ago

    The coronavirus outbreak is refusing to slow down around the world. People have been in lockdown for quite some time now depending on where they are….

  • jason-momoa-always-asked-for-more-fights-scenes-game-of-thrones-fight-co-ordinator-1-400x240-8603759 jason-momoa-always-asked-for-more-fights-scenes-game-of-thrones-fight-co-ordinator-1-80x80-8950809

    Interview6 months ago

    Jason Momoa was one of the earliest finds of Game of Thrones. He was perhaps the first of many actors given to the industry by epic…

  • george-r-r-martin-closes-cinema-and-non-profit-foundation-amidst-coronavirus-spread-400x240-6857230 george-r-r-martin-closes-cinema-and-non-profit-foundation-amidst-coronavirus-spread-80x80-3636466

    General6 months ago

    When a show becomes a magnanimous success everything associated with it becomes a treasure for fans. Game of Thrones was a success of gigantic proportions and…

  • peter-sollett-to-direct-d-b-weiss-david-benioffe28099s-netflix-project-e28098metal-lordse28099-80x80-4175769

    News6 months ago

    D. B. Weiss and David Benioff are back in news again! Do not worry it has got nothing to do with the final season of Game…

  • sophie-turner-reveals-the-game-of-thrones-connection-with-her-upcoming-series-1-400x240-8020218 sophie-turner-reveals-the-game-of-thrones-connection-with-her-upcoming-series-1-80x80-1714869

    Interview6 months ago

    Game of Thrones made many of its actors’ household names. Some of those actors literally grew up with the show. By the end of the series,…

  • emma-watson-starrer-little-women-repeats-game-of-thrones-gaffe-as-fans-spot-a-water-bottle-2-400x240-1143550 emma-watson-starrer-little-women-repeats-game-of-thrones-gaffe-as-fans-spot-a-water-bottle-2-80x80-4108265

    Humour6 months ago

    Game of Thrones finished its glorious run last year. Not only was it perhaps the most-watched show of all time, but it was also the most…

  • emilia-clarke-narrates-a-story-with-her-puppy-ted-as-part-of-e28098save-with-storiese28099-movement-e1585618298876-400x240-2602862 emilia-clarke-narrates-a-story-with-her-puppy-ted-as-part-of-e28098save-with-storiese28099-movement-e1585618298876-80x80-4241131

    General6 months ago

    Let’s be honest, these are excruciatingly difficult times for us. A virus has wreaked havoc in our lives and there is pretty much nothing we can…