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Saurav Jha, Author at Wiki of Thrones – Page 11 of 12

  • game-of-thrones-receives-six-nominations-at-the-18th-visual-society-effects-awards-400x240-7566296 game-of-thrones-receives-six-nominations-at-the-18th-visual-society-effects-awards-80x80-1947656

    Awards3 months ago

    Game of Thrones may not have won too many awards this season but has consistently received nominations at various awards. After getting two nominations at the…

  • charles-dance-to-narrate-new-netflix-docudrama-called-rise-of-empires-ottoman-400x240-5997717 charles-dance-to-narrate-new-netflix-docudrama-called-rise-of-empires-ottoman-80x80-9267787

    News3 months ago

    Game of Thrones was one of the most successful TV show ever. Such has been the magnitude of its success that actors who were part of…

  • george-r-r-martin-promises-to-complete-winds-of-winter-before-summer-2020-400x240-2680697 george-r-r-martin-promises-to-complete-winds-of-winter-before-summer-2020-80x80-5674183

    General4 months ago

    Ever since Game of Thrones has completed its run, there have been growing speculations regarding the next offering from the creators and makers of the show….

  • game-of-thrones-becomes-the-most-torrented-tv-show-for-final-time-400x240-8878954 game-of-thrones-becomes-the-most-torrented-tv-show-for-final-time-80x80-8876980

    General4 months ago

    Game of Thrones has received many nominations, accolades, awards, and popularity over the years. However, one area where it has consistently been an undisputed winner over…

  • the-witcher-boss-speaks-on-game-of-thrones-comparisons-400x240-5167031 the-witcher-boss-speaks-on-game-of-thrones-comparisons-80x80-6948516

    General4 months ago

    Quite a few TV shows turn out to be successful in their run but very few manage to set the benchmarks for others to follow. Game…

  • lord-of-the-rings-show-casts-game-of-thrones-actor-robert-aramayo-400x240-6669547 lord-of-the-rings-show-casts-game-of-thrones-actor-robert-aramayo-80x80-5555569

    News4 months ago

    Game of Thrones has now become a gift that will continue to give for its cast members. The latest addition to the growing list of those…

  • games-of-thrones-cast-dissects-the-success-of-the-show-400x240-3747206 games-of-thrones-cast-dissects-the-success-of-the-show-80x80-1799803

    Interview4 months ago

    Game of Thrones ended its glorious run of eight seasons earlier this year. During its run, the show garnered immense following and success. Ever since the…

  • emilia-clarke-on-why-she-doesne28099t-drink-at-home-on-christmas-400x240-6224688 emilia-clarke-on-why-she-doesne28099t-drink-at-home-on-christmas-80x80-7429281

    Interview4 months ago

    Game of Thrones finished months ago but Emilia Clarke‘s career has continued to scale new heights. While promoting her latest movie “Last Christmas“, Clarke recently spoke…

  • young-game-of-thrones-stars-reflect-on-their-time-on-the-show-e1577394798243-400x240-7003564 young-game-of-thrones-stars-reflect-on-their-time-on-the-show-e1577394798243-80x80-9576377

    Interview4 months ago

    Games of Thrones changed the lives of many of its actors. In one case, it even turned a homeless man into a household name! There were others…

  • e28098i-didne28099t-want-people-to-think-of-me-as-sick-says-emilia-clarke-1-400x240-8573361 e28098i-didne28099t-want-people-to-think-of-me-as-sick-says-emilia-clarke-1-80x80-6490600

    Interview4 months ago

    A successful show has the power to change the lives of those involved with it. Game of Thrones did the same as well,  it changed the…