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Peter Dinklage reveals why Tyrion always wanted Bran Stark to be King

Game of Thrones ended with a winner, but this winner was someone that never even competed. With Bran Stark crowned the king, many a fans were disgruntled that their favourites didn’t make it to the big metal chair, one of whom was Tyrion Lannister, the very character that advocated for Bran to be the king. Now, actor Peter Dinklage has revealed why Tyrion always wanted Bran to get the Throne. Read on!

As we recently reported, HBO is bringing the full Game of Thrones disc set in time for the holidays, and it will come loaded with a lot of special features, including cast commentaries and behind the scenes interviews. One of the bits had Peter Dinklage explain why Tyrion chose Bran to rule Westeros.

Entertainment Weekly reported Dinklage’s thoughts on Tyrion’s pick:

“Bran is the only probably pure person in there.

And the fact he cannot father children is key because they’ve repeated the cycle in this Westerosi history of heirs being really bad.”

This would definitely have been a better explanation than the “who has the best story” bit that we got from Tyrion on the show, which has been mocked by the fans of the show for not making sense. Maybe we can all appreciate the decision more now that we’ve got some more context, although that won’t help all fans.

The bit also revealed that the Game of Thrones showrunners confirmed that Bran will be King in George R. R. Martin’s ending as well.

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