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Palash Volvoikar, Author at Wiki of Thrones – Page 5 of 47

Game of Thrones is a work of fantasy, and a pretty amazing one at that. The different locations described in the book were hard to pull off, but HBO has consistently managed to wow us with the kind of spectacle they create, of which the choice of filming locations forms the basis. We have had […]

Game of Thrones has a lot of great characters, and the most striking thing about the show is how it isn’t all black and white. A lot of characters we initially hated, we like now, while some characters we really liked at the beginning, are starting to seem not so nice now. One such characters […]

Game of Thrones is not just any other TV show, but a global phenomenon by now. It’s obvious that the show is big enough to make money for not just HBO, but a lot of other people. Tourism is one industry we have previously seen benefiting from the Game of Thrones, in Northern Ireland, one […]

George R. R. Martin, the author of A Song of Ice and Fire, has really been a true upholder of the fantasy genre. The books are believed to be the best work of fantasy since Lord of the Rings. What’s even better is that the screen adaptation of the books, Game of Thrones, is doing a […]

Game of Thrones does have a really strong storyline supporting it, but it would have been impossible for the show to attain the level of success that it has, had it not had such an amazing cast. The characters are played really well by the actors, and the ensemble cast just flows well together. One […]

Game of Thrones Season 6 ended quite a long time ago, and it is still a while before Season 7 premieres. Now, as we fans wait for Season 7 to arrive, HBO is doing its best to hype it up. They recently released the official trailer for Season 7, and it went on to get […]

There are a lot of great characters in Game of Thrones, and the show continues to bring in a lot of new characters that are equally as good. However, there are certain characters on the show that have undergone a great deal of change over the course of the past six seasons, and thus, Season […]

Game of Thrones is a huge franchise by now, and as such, there is no shortage of merchandise. We have had tonnes of different selections of Game of Thrones merchandise, and the most notable ones are the Game of Thrones Funko Pop! figurines. Now, as some of you might be knowing, these figurines were due […]

Game of Thrones has a spectacular cast, and while the show has had quite a few characters played by veteran actors, there do exist cast members for whom their role on the show has been their big break. Point in case, Gwendoline Christie. She plays the intimidating yet fiercely loyal Brienne of Tarth on the […]

Game of Thrones is one of the best shows to have ever appeared on television, and a spectacle as grand as it is unlikely to be reproduced any time soon. Now, the Game of Thrones fandom has been dealing with the fact that after Season 7 is done, we have only one more season left […]