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Nidhi Goswami, Author at Wiki of Thrones – Page 5 of 40

Game of Thrones has a plethora of actors who have done brilliant jobs at portraying their respective characters, and the biggest challenge they face is while playing a character who is hated by the viewers. There have been quite a few despised characters on Game of Thrones, and sometimes when the acting gets too convincing, […]

For the past few days, pictures and videos of Game of Thrones season 7 sets, and actors in costume have been doing the rounds on the internet. With all of these new developments, potential spoilers also continue to appear. Recently, we saw a few pictures of actors Isaac Hempstead Wright and Maisie Williams sharing a […]

Since we’ve already devoured all of the exclusive pictures from the Game of Thrones season 7 sets in Zumaia, Spain, we know that filming is going to begin pretty soon. With this quick an approach, the need for extras has also been quite apparent. Recently, the extras casting agency ModExpor International  released their requirements for the casting […]

Game of Thrones season 7 filming in Spain is set to begin later this month, and based on how quickly the production has begun setting up in some of the locations, there’s a lot we can expect in the upcoming season. Watchers on the Wall has received some exciting news about filming in the Roman […]

Game of Thrones has a massive popularity, but with this much fame come a few downfalls as well, and Game of Thrones is no stranger to criticism when it comes to sexism or racism. During an interview with, actor David Oyelowo, criticized Game of Thrones for putting people of colour in secondary roles instead […]

Rose Leslie brought the character of Ygritte to life on Game of Thrones, and after her death back in season 4, we did miss the actress for having done such a good job with the character. Rose continued to be in the news even post her character’s death on Game of Thrones mainly since she […]

Game of Thrones stars in Northern Ireland are pretty busy with the filming of season 7, and pictures on set have been circulating for a while now. Actors have joined the Winterfell sets, including Isaac Hempstead Wright and Maisie Williams, hinting at a Stark family reunion, and other actors also continue to be seen on […]

You’d think that the person who portrayed the character of the menace that was Ramsay Bolton on Game of Thrones would be a heartless prick in real life too, but that does not apply to actor Iwan Rheon. In light of the recent events going on in the USA based on the lewd comments that […]

Game of Thrones season 7 filming is going on pretty well in Belfast right now, and stars are being spotted here and there, along with the production crew setting up in various parts of Northern Ireland. After Kit Harington and Emilia Clarke, other major actors like Sophie Turner, Alfie Allen and Aidan Gillen were recently […]

Since Game of Thrones season 7 filming is pretty focussed on the parts of Winterfell right now, actors are being spotted around said sets in Belfast, Northern Ireland at the moment. Not only that, many of the stars have been sighted in costume, including Kit Harington, Gwendoline Christie, Liam Cunningham, Bella Ramsey and others. We’ve seen […]