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Nidhi Goswami, Author at Wiki of Thrones – Page 29 of 44

Game of Thrones is wildly popular among people of every type in the world, and apparently it has also managed to strike the fancy of scientists. Recently, two new species of ants were discovered by scientists in New Guinea, and these ants were named after none other than two of our very own Daenerys Targaryen’s […]

Recently we reported about how the end of Game of Thrones is near and that season 8 will be the last for the HBO fantasy drama. There were official statements by the programming president of the show indicating that season 8 will be the last. However, more recent reports from Buzzfeed suggest that Game of Thrones might […]

It’s been a long time since Game of Thrones has been in our mortal world, and the fact that it gained popularity to a large extent is due to the show, despite the fact that the book series penned by author George R.R Martin has had a great fan following years before the show aired […]

Sansa Stark, the elder daughter of Ned and Catelyn Stark was introduced to us on Game of Thrones as a shy and timid girl who dreamt of a luxurious life, but until season 6, faced enough torture and pain to last her a lifetime. Season 6 gave us a majorly developed character in Sansa, and […]

With the number of amazing characters on Game of Thrones, it’s hard to pick a favourite, but most of us find one or two deserving people from the world of Westeros who seem to fit the bill of being our favourite character on the show, and even further, we end up loving the actors who […]

Game of Thrones gave us some major things to talk about at the end of season 6, after which, nobody has been able to stop thinking about what’s going to happen in the next season. With all the new developments on the show so far, we sometimes wonder who might end up dead in season […]

With the confirmation that Game of Thrones season 7 won’t start filming before the end of October this year, we had a lot of sorrow surrounding us since the wait until next year is quite a long one. However, there has also been news that the pre-production stage is already underway, and now very recently, […]

Conan O’Brien is famous for the tricks up his sleeve to take a dig at popular things in the world, and Game of Thrones was obviously on his list of things to do. Recently during his appearance at San Diego Comic Con, Conancon was trending on the internet for a while. And with fans posting […]

The San Diego Comic Con brought back loving memories for us fans when we saw the Game of Thrones stars talking about anything and everything that had to do with our favourite show. And with all of the amazing events and discussions that took place at the panel, there were some interesting interviews conducted with […]

Game of Thrones has a history of unfortunate deaths of a lot of characters, and those deaths are usually pretty heart breaking. And seeing as how easily prone characters are to dying on the HBO fantasy drama, a lot of people make up scenarios and theories about how a certain character might meet his or […]