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The latest Game of Thrones episode started on a happy note when Sansa Stark reached Castle Black with Brienne and Podrick. It was an emotional Stark family reunion as we got to see Sansa and Jon together after the first episode of season 1! However, something unexpected happened at the same time and fans couldn’t […]

The climax scene of Game of Thrones season 6 episode 4, The Book of the Stranger had a pretty epic ending. We saw Daenerys Targaryen setting the temple of Dosh Khaleen on fire and killing all the Khals inside it. In one strike, Daenerys finished the entire leadership of the Dothraki people and also walked […]

This is the era of internet and making everything as easily accessible as possible. Game of thrones being one of the biggest shows in the world is at a constant exposure of piracy and torrents. HBO has tried everything possible to limit the piracy of Game of Thrones. A numerous thousands of copyright infringement warnings […]

Game of Thrones is one show where it is very difficult to avoid the spoilers. Earlier it used to be the book readers who used to give spoilers and now there are some people who manage to get their hands on the episode details before it airs to give spoilers. And HBO and the production […]

George R.R. Martin has released a new chapter from the 6th book of A Song of Ice and Fire series, The Winds of Winter and fans are so excited that the site on which the chapter has been published is struggling to stay online! The newly released chapter has been published from the perspective of […]

For Game of Thrones season 6, showrunners have kept all the details very secret and since this season has gone beyond the books, there is much greater amount of curiosity than the last season. HBO is revealing small details one by one and all the fans throughout the world are keeping us occupied with their […]

In the latest episode of Game of Thrones we finally got to see Rickon Stark after a long time. We last saw him in the 3rd season but fans weren’t happy to see him as he directly landed at Winterfell, in Ramsay Bolton’s hands. Naturally Game of Thrones fans started worrying as they were scared […]

Rose Leslie, the actress who portrayed Ygritte, the wildling woman on Game of Thrones from Season 2- 4 is actually one of the very few people who knew about Jon Snow’s fate before the episode came out. The entire cast and production was dedicated to keep Jon’s return a secret and actor Kit Harington had […]

When Jon snow died, it was speculated throughout that Jon has warged into his direwolf Ghost after his death. Now that Jon Snow is back, Kit Harrington, the actor who portrays the character of Jon Snow on the show has certain things to say about the transition Jon went through and how it will affect […]

The Game of Thrones season 6 premiere was watched by 7.94 million people and the initial airing of Jon Snow’s resurrection in this Sunday’s episode was seen by 7.29 million people. Even though the viewership for the episode had fallen, this Sunday’s episode ‘Home’ was the most viewed programme on cable on Sunday. Sources have […]