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Natalie Dormer says she got the “perfect length of time” on Game of Thrones

Natalie Dormer a.k.a. Margaery Tyrell of Game of Thrones is on a roll these days. After getting the rave reviews for her recently released Penny Dreadful: City of Angels she is riding high on success. After the premiere of her new show, she got some time to reflect on her journey so far and we are excited to bring those reflections to you. Read on to find out more!

Dormer recently spoke to Variety and talked candidly about her journey in Game of Thrones. In many ways, Game of Thrones was the gamechanger for Dormer and she was aware of it. She was in the series for five seasons and showcased her talent. Speaking about her infamous death she said:

“I was ever so grateful that I was with Jonathan [Pryce who played the High Sparrow]. To have such a partner for my last scene was really a gift.”

She was also very understanding of the kind of challenge the showrunners had on their hands. She said:

“But I think Dan [Weiss] and David [Benioff] had an almost impossible task in wrapping up the show. And by the very nature of the sheer quantity of storylines and characters, they had to start wrapping up around Season 6, which they did with the Tyrells and other beloved characters. It was almost going to be the impossible task, I think, regardless of what they had done, to satisfy the third act for everyone in the time that they had.”

She also reflected fondly on her journey and had no complaints at all from the makers. She believed that she was in the show for the perfect duration and it was her golden ticket.

“I got the golden ticket, the perfect length of time. I watched Season 1 as a fan, came in the second season, did a good solid five years just as the show had this incredible explosion, and then I got out in time to watch the end and sit on the couch again.” 

Well, Dormer didn’t let her guard down at all after the success of Thrones. Recently she took her fans through behind the scenes video of Penny Dreadful and it was amazing to see the effort.

Well, if you have watched the show, let us know your reviews in the comments below!