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Jon Snow's Direwolf, Ghost returned in the latest episode but fans weren't thrilled

The second episode of season 8 saw the return of the good boy, the good boy being the best thing that has ever happened to Jon Snow AKA his direwolf Ghost. We last saw the direwolf in season 6 during Jon Snow’s resurrection scene. This was when he curled up, patiently waiting for Jon to stop being dead. ‘Twas a scene where a lot of boxes of tissue were passed around.

So there was rightfully a fair amount of anticipation building up to the moment when Jon and Ghost would reunite. Calling that scene in episode two a reunion would be a bit of a stretch. Fans are understandably pissed because they feel they’ve been done dirty. Which they have. I mean, look at this.

There was no build up to this scene, NOTHING. He’s just there, like an afterthought. While this scene sorely disappointed, fan reactions didn’t.

The direwolf was supposed to have some screen time back in season 7 but he finally didn’t make the cut. Turns out, CGI direwolfs are quite expensive, and with dragons hogging the limelight and the budget, there just wasn’t room for more.

So how annoyed were you with this scene in episode two? Don’t hold back, let us know how you really feel in the comments down below!