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  • vfx-supervisor-shares-experiences-of-building-and-riding-dragons-6030288 vfx-supervisor-shares-experiences-of-building-and-riding-dragons-6030288

    Interview2 years ago

    Fans seldom understand the effort and bravery put forth by actors even when working in safe environments. This is especially true in graphics intensive action scenes…

  • lana-headey-reveals-that-she-took-nothing-from-the-game-of-thrones-set-4274806 lana-headey-reveals-that-she-took-nothing-from-the-game-of-thrones-set-4274806

    Interview2 years ago

    As Game of Throne comes to an end and the entire cast behind the show return their costumes to their appropriate places, it is only natural to…

  • lena-headey-adores-how-cersei-overcomes-weaker-mean-in-the-show-5238213 lena-headey-adores-how-cersei-overcomes-weaker-mean-in-the-show-5238213

    Cast2 years ago

    It’s no surprise that Lena Headey is a strong proponent of gender quality and women empowerment. And it was in the same note that she revealed…

  • hbo-president-believes-game-of-thrones-ending-will-be-emotionally-thrilling-2047224 hbo-president-believes-game-of-thrones-ending-will-be-emotionally-thrilling-2047224

    Interview2 years ago

    With the hype building up to the final season of the longstanding TV series and its final season coming out this April, everyone related to the…

  • Interview2 years ago

    Most fans of the Game of Thrones series really like the feisty little maiden commonly known as Lyanna Mormont, and exceptionally so because of her indomitable spirit…

  • lena-headey-thinks-rejecting-harvey-weinstein-hurt-her-career-5862149 lena-headey-thinks-rejecting-harvey-weinstein-hurt-her-career-5862149

    Cast2 years ago

    Lena Headey, the actress behind the character of Cersei Lannister, had tweeted in the fall of October 2017 along with a lot of other women urged…