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  • jon-snow-had-two-big-moments-in-the-premier-episode-and-fans-went-nuts-400x240-2055207 jon-snow-had-two-big-moments-in-the-premier-episode-and-fans-went-nuts-80x80-2797530

    Humour2 years ago

    In the interest of human decency, let me just say this right off the bat; the night is dark and full of terror. Also, this post…

  • game-of-thrones-cast-struggles-to-spell-daenerys-targaryen-production-begins-on-got-prequel-400x240-8916658 game-of-thrones-cast-struggles-to-spell-daenerys-targaryen-production-begins-on-got-prequel-80x80-6741685

    Filming2 years ago

    Game of Thrones Season 8 is nearly here, and we are in the final circle now. The interview bits from press junkets are rolling in. The…

  • kit-harington-400x240-3353302 kit-harington-80x80-1333768

    Humour2 years ago

    Game of Thrones Season 8 airs in 10 days  and the recent premiere attended by various current cast members along with a few former ones was…

  • kids-watch-and-react-to-game-of-thrones-400x240-6149249 kids-watch-and-react-to-game-of-thrones-80x80-1361994

    Humour2 years ago

    Game of Thrones is a very adult-oriented show, if you catch my drift. As such, it’s definitely not recommended to be shown to kids. However, with…

  • screenshot_2018-12-14-23-46-01-685_com-google-android-youtube-2694002 screenshot_2018-12-14-23-46-01-685_com-google-android-youtube-2694002

    Humour2 years ago

    Kit Harington has been too busy after finishing filming Game of Thrones Season 8 – getting rid of his Jon Snow look and even growing a…

  • 8395fa394d3f869c9619822720fed6ff-6138393 8395fa394d3f869c9619822720fed6ff-6138393

    Humour2 years ago

    Former Game of Thrones star and everyone’s favourite Jason Momoa finally had a huge gig in the latest episode of Saturday Night Live (SNL). Momoa not…

  • kristian-nairn-stars-in-etoro-cryptocurrency-advertisement-8-9811828 kristian-nairn-stars-in-etoro-cryptocurrency-advertisement-8-9811828

    Humour3 years ago

    It’s said giants are hard to get off your back. That is if you’re capable or lucky enough to get them on in the first place….

  • watch-the-mountain-starring-in-a-brand-new-kfc-commercial-1-2654386 watch-the-mountain-starring-in-a-brand-new-kfc-commercial-1-2654386

    Humour3 years ago

    Hafþór Júlíus Björnsson, the actor who plays the Mountain A.K.A. Gregor Clegane in the Game of Thrones TV series wears many hats. He not only is…

  • tyrion-lannister-eastwatch-compressed-9376002 tyrion-lannister-eastwatch-compressed-9376002

    Humour3 years ago

    Game of Thrones has a ton of talented actors, and about almost all of them are busy with other projects when not working on Game of…

  • arya-stare-compressed-8032961 arya-stare-compressed-8032961

    Humour3 years ago

    Well, as we all know already, American politics is no stranger to being the butt of jokes, and the only other place with politics that are…