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Gwendoline Christie hints that Brienne will not like Daenerys in Game of Thrones Season 8


Game of Thrones Season 8 is inching closer by the day, with 12 days to go for the premiere. This has been the week of promos, and the cast interviews are rolling in as usual, with no signs of slowing down. The latest one is from Gwendoline Christie, who plays Brienne of Tarth on the show. She recently discussed Game of Thrones Season 8 and her character in this sit-down with Entertainment Weekly. Read on!

Speaking of reading the Season 8 scripts for the first time, Gwendoline revealed she actually stayed up till the morning hours to read them. She also said that she was scared for the life of her character:

“Every couple of pages I thought I was dead. If you’re lucky enough to get to season 8, you expect to die on the first page. That’s the worst case scenario. The very worst case scenario is dying off screen. At one point while reading I said to my partner, ‘I think I died and nobody said anything.’

I had to go for a very long walk. A long walk and I did not stop. I had lots of questions. If there’s a character you care about and you feel like they go through some sort of hell you feel protective toward them.”


Gwendoline said that Season 8 is going to be satisfying, which is all we’re looking for at this point:

“There’s something about this story that’s compulsive and essential. What [showrunners David Benioff and Dan Weiss] have done in terms of this being the final season is masterful. I don’t think there’s any way people aren’t going to want more.”

Speaking of Brienne’s journey in Season 8, she said:

“This season we see more of Brienne than ever before. I’m more involved this season and I’m delighted the character has been learning from everyone she’s been around. There’s been a timidness and a tense vulnerability that was the opposite of her physical strength. It’s been interesting to watch her embrace her intellect and humor and step forward in life and make decisions. I think this is a season where Brienne’s gender is really no longer an issue. She’s treated as an equal by all and that’s very pleasing.”

To top it all off, here’s what Gwen said when asked if Brienne got along with Daenerys Targaryen:

“Brienne’s allegiance is to Sansa.” She further added, “I do think she’d like a go on her dragon!”

Looks like Lyanna Mormont won’t be the only one to not like Daenerys Targaryen in Season 8. What do you guys think? Talk to us in the comments, down below!

Game of Thrones was the biggest fantastical drama of the past decade. The show had the biggest budget and record viewership of all times. Scientists even researched to find out why the HBO epic was so successful. The series was recently crowned the best TV show of the 21st century by the readers of Digital Spy. The magazine got together several members of the cast of the show to commemorate the show’s success. The show’s cast revealed surprising details about the show. Joe Dempsie, who played Gendry Baratheon on the series, recalled his casting experience.

Dempsie told Digital Spy, “When they were originally casting for the pilot… I actually auditioned for the role of Jon Snow. It didn’t get very far and then when the series was commissioned. I auditioned for another two roles, before eventually being cast as Gendry. It just seemed like the creators had identified people that they wanted to work with. And then it was just a case of which piece of the jigsaw you fitted.”

Joe Dempsie was phenomenal as Gendry Baratheon on Game of Thrones. Would you have liked to see him play a different character? What about Jon Snow? Talk to us in the comments below!

There are times when life puts us in situations when we think about changing our path. Game of Thrones star Jerome Flynn had to face something similar before he was cast into the show. His life changed forever ever since. In an interview with Digital Spy, Flynn revealed he was about to quit acting altogether before the show. (There are some others who almost quit after getting rejected for the series.)

Jerome said,  “I hadn’t been on screen for about 10 years. I was thinking I might leave the business behind. But I’d also poured all my savings into renovating an old farm estate in Wales. My agent called – there’s this thing called Game of Thrones, American, medieval. I was like, ‘Oh god really, that sounds dodgy’. And I had a lot of resistance going down to London to audition.”

“I opened up a kitchen cabinet onto my eye and gave myself a kind of black eye. I didn’t look at the script, but I put my hair back and suddenly felt like ‘Oh, I could be a badass’. They just saw the face and saw that and thought, ‘Ooh yeah, he’s a bit of a killer’. I think it helped also because Dan [Weiss] and Dave [Benioff] said they had no idea about my past, about Robson and Jerome or Soldier.”

“Somebody sent me some blog when I got cast, from English fans of the books… and then when they found I got cast, some were desperately upset. One guy couldn’t believe that Bronn could be played by me. And one guy actually said, ‘This is the worst day of my life’… they just couldn’t put those two, Bronn and Jerome, together.”

What do you think of Jerome Flynn’s Bronn? Tell us in the comments below!

The Long Night of 2020 has passed, but the effects are still lingering. The world is trying to get back on its feet with new hopes in the new year 2021. There are many surprises we have yet to face in the new year, but it seems like the Game of Thrones cast already has some secrets for us in store. Richard Brake, who played The Night King in season 4 and 5, talked to Digital Spy recently. He revealed he almost didn’t play the character at one point, and he’s thankful for that.

He revealed, “I had auditioned a couple of times before for the show in other roles. I got pretty close at one point. But I’m so grateful I didn’t get it… [that character] was nowhere near as important as I had thought when I auditioned. He did an episode or two and then died.”

“A few months later my agent called me and said, ‘They want to see you. Nina wants to see you again for Game of Thrones, but this time the character is in full prosthetics, he doesn’t speak, and he’s only going to be on screen for about a minute.”

He continued, “I thought, ‘What the f**k? [laughs] This is what it’s come to?’ ‘But he’ll be important at some point,’ she said. So I went in. They had me pretend to pick up a sword. I had to pretend to pick up a baby… and touch it. That was about it. But I had no idea that he was the king of the White Walkers, or that he would be eventually called the Night King.”

Would you have liked to see Brake in some other role? Tell us in the comments below!