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  • olenna-tyrell-1-400x240-4627450 olenna-tyrell-1-80x80-9876502

    General6 months ago

    Last week the world was deprived of another jewel that once shined bright over the big screen. The entertainment industry is mourning the loss of multi-talented…

  • sophie-turner-and-joe-jonas-share-first-picture-after-the-birth-of-their-baby-400x240-7244003 sophie-turner-and-joe-jonas-share-first-picture-after-the-birth-of-their-baby-80x80-7346496

    General7 months ago

    It’s not so easy to become the talk of the town, especially if you’re considering it for “good” reasons. But if you’ve been a major Game…

  • game-of-thrones-is-the-greatest-tv-show-of-the-21st-century-according-to-a-digital-spy-readers-poll-400x240-5302215 game-of-thrones-is-the-greatest-tv-show-of-the-21st-century-according-to-a-digital-spy-readers-poll-80x80-9303726

    General7 months ago

    If it was up to us, we would have wanted Game of Thrones to run for a couple of more seasons at least. Not more than…

  • george-r-r-martin-updates-us-about-the-progress-on-the-winds-of-winter-and-the-house-of-the-dragon-400x240-9322195 george-r-r-martin-updates-us-about-the-progress-on-the-winds-of-winter-and-the-house-of-the-dragon-80x80-7912216

    General8 months ago

    We have been locked in for a good part of this year. Although things are gradually opening up, it’s still the norm that you should only…

  • george-r-r-martin-extends-his-support-to-the-black-lives-matter-protests-400x240-1801860 george-r-r-martin-extends-his-support-to-the-black-lives-matter-protests-80x80-4970028

    General8 months ago

    Raging protests took place in the United States along with the rest of the world after George Floyd, an African-American, was pinned to death by four…

  • looney-tunes-cartoons-is-more-popular-than-game-of-thrones-on-hbo-max-400x240-8844361 looney-tunes-cartoons-is-more-popular-than-game-of-thrones-on-hbo-max-80x80-1793496

    General8 months ago

    We have to let things go after a point even when we want to hold on to them forever. The HBO network’s most popular show of…

  • checkout-emilia-clarkes-virtual-cooking-session-hosted-for-12-fans-1-400x240-8818875 checkout-emilia-clarkes-virtual-cooking-session-hosted-for-12-fans-1-80x80-7732420

    General10 months ago

    Our world needs a lot of goodness and kindness right now. Speaking of, Game of Thrones actors have been especially very kind since the pandemic outbreak….

  • game-of-thrones-actors-pilou-asbc3a6k-and-nikolaj-coster-waldau-celebrate-the-freedom-from-nazi-rule-400x240-2216184 game-of-thrones-actors-pilou-asbc3a6k-and-nikolaj-coster-waldau-celebrate-the-freedom-from-nazi-rule-80x80-4487899

    General10 months ago

    Some dates are more significant in our lives than others. For some, it’s their birthday, or their anniversary, while for some, every day matters. However, some…

  • iain-glen-was-the-original-night-owl-in-the-shelved-watchmen-movie-400x240-2167877 iain-glen-was-the-original-night-owl-in-the-shelved-watchmen-movie-80x80-9687232

    General10 months ago

    They say destinies are beyond our control. Well, if you will read our latest story you will know why. Zack Snyder’s film Watchmen hit the theatres…

  • george-r-r-martin-gives-an-update-on-e28098the-winds-of-wintere28099-and-e28098house-of-the-dragone28099-1-400x240-4240619 george-r-r-martin-gives-an-update-on-e28098the-winds-of-wintere28099-and-e28098house-of-the-dragone28099-1-80x80-6144699

    General11 months ago

    The Coronavirus shutdown has brought life to a standstill, and when it comes to entertainment, we can expect all the highly anticipated TV series, movies, literature…