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Game of Thrones Season 8 Episode 3 raises a serious question about the Night King's true identity

Game of Thrones is a brilliant show, in which the interconnectivity of the various plotlines makes a serious impact on the overall flow of the story. In the latest episode — Season 8 Episode 3, we got to see the Battle of Winterfell, and one of the scenes involving the Night King might have revealed something about his true identity. Before you go any further — SPOILER ALERT! Consider yourself warned!

Now, in the last episode, we saw Jon Snow talk about their options to beat the dead. He talks about Valyrian Steel and Dragonglass, and Bran talks about how nobody’s tried Dragonfire before.

Throughout episode 3, we see Dragonfire being used to kill the wights. In the moment of confrontation, Daenerys faces the Night King, and says Dracarys to Drogon, ordering him to burn the Night King. However, the fire does nothing to the Night King. He is seen just standing there, flashing a smile, surrounded by fire. Quite like a Targaryen.

The scene is very reminiscent of Daenerys walking out of fire herself, and the smile that the Night King gives, in addition to the fact that he has also mounted a dragon, all point to the possibility of him actually being a Targaryen himself. Although, it has been said that he was one of the First Men, which predate the Targaryens. But we can still hope.

Now, of course, it could be pure coincidence, and the show is too close to the end to have any such revelation be made in the upcoming episodes. So we might not get to see this actually pan out. However, it could still connect in the books.

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