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Game Of Thrones has just hinted at a major theory about Samwell Tarly

One popular Game of Thrones fan theory is that Samwell Tarly amounts to much more than just an aspiring Maester, chamber pot cleaner, and grey scale severer. Even killing a White Walker pales in comparison to writing what would become a beloved fantasy series. And that’s just what some fans believe to be true.

Ever since Sam arrived at Oldtown in season 6, the appearance of the startlingly familiar hanging spheres – which look unmistakably like the structure orbiting the sun in the opening credits – led viewers to believe that the Citadel might be more meta.


It’s not a stretch of the imagination to think that a tower full of scholars might also be writing in their spare time. And in the latest episode (“Stormborn”), ArchmaesterEbrose (Jim Broadbent) leads Sam (John Bradley) through the library, and tells him he’s been working on writing a book called A Chronicle of the Wars Following the Death of King Robert the First. Although the title is verbose, it’s pretty straightforward that the subject matter is the very stuff we’ve been watching for seven seasons.

Sam politely dismisses the title however, in favor of something “a bit more poetic”.

In essence, the Archmaester is currently writing the Game of Thrones series. Whether he continues to do so, or if Sam takes over, a perfect new and poetic name could very well be “A Song of Ice and Fire.”

The real test of this theory will be whether or not Sam lives through to the end. If so, he’ll be writing quicker than real-life author George R. R. Martin. (Sam, while you’re at it can you PLEASE write Winds of Winter and A Dream of Spring?) And he can pull a Bilbo Baggins, showing future generations all of the fantastical – if more unsavory – exploits of those in Westeros.