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Game of Thrones fans shocked after showrunners admit they had no idea what they were doing


Game of Thrones was a well-liked shown for most of its run, with the backlash kicking in only towards the end of the show. Most of this criticism went towards the showrunners and creators of the show, David Benioff and Dan Weiss. The quality of writing declined, and while some thought the criticism was unfair, David and Dan might have just proved otherwise. Read on!

They recently did a panel at the Austin Film Festival revealing a lot of details about the show’s making that paints them as really incompetent showrunners, and the fans are shocked. Before we get into it, shoutout to Twitter user Needle & Pen (@ForArya) who attended the panel and tweeted out the details for the rest of us. Let’s take a look.

First off, they admitted to referring to online resources to aid their work, for the maps, because they were “geographically challenged”. That’s fair, but apparently that’s not all they referred to. The pair admitted to discovering Jason Momoa (Khal Drogo) in a fan casting:

David is also saying that he went to fan casting pages and that is how they found Jason Mamoa.

— Needle & Pen (@ForArya) October 26, 2019

They then discussed their early days with the concept, first off with their pitch to HBO, and then their meeting with George R. R. Martin:

David is describing the pre-meeting with GRRM who was questioning their bona fides and “we didn’t really have any.” We had never done TV and we didn’t have any. We don’t know why he trusted us with his life’s work.”

— Needle & Pen (@ForArya) October 26, 2019

Honestly, at this point, we don’t know either. They talked more about what a disaster the pilot was:

They acknowledge that they have no idea why after such a dismal pilot why they went forward. “Everything we could make a mistake in, we did.” Script, casting, costume.

They think HBO went forward bc they had a lot of foreign pre-sales on the series.

— Needle & Pen (@ForArya) October 26, 2019

Dan went on to give us a metaphor about how bad they were at their job, and that HBO apparently had to push them into writing more scenes:

Two months before the pilot was to air, the episodes were averaging 39 minutes and HBO made then write and film 100 minutes of scenes to meet their contractual obligations. For example, they added a scene with Robert and Cersei – and realized that there was no scene with them.

— Needle & Pen (@ForArya) October 26, 2019

The moderator is asking them about their comments acknowledging they didn’t understand the characters, and the extra minutes helped them understand the characters better. 😳

— Needle & Pen (@ForArya) October 26, 2019

They also revealed that they let the actors’ personalities shape the characters, and compromised on faithfulness to the source by removing fantasy elements, even more, to try and expand the appeal to beyond the typical fantasy fans. Then there was a revelation that makes no sense:

They are expressing regret about putting the baby on the block of ice and him screaming. The mother was not happy bc Dan just kept talking about a close-up of the baby’s penis.

*They are very granular in details of shots, admitting losing sight of the big picture.

— Needle & Pen (@ForArya) October 26, 2019

Dan also admitted that he did not care for fan feedback, while David was upset by it. Their writing process also seemed to have been very unorganised:

What was your process?

We just started writing. But as things went on we had to outline. Divvied up scripts. They didn’t work together in the same room. One took first half, the other the last half, then they would swap. They gave episodes to Bryan Cogman and David Hill.

— Needle & Pen (@ForArya) October 26, 2019

Dan: “it was like a ten year drunk party.”

— Needle & Pen (@ForArya) October 26, 2019

There was a bit of highlight on the diversity problem in there, too, which has been highlighted before.

They asked about not including women and POC in the writers room.

They didn’t have a writers room and there was one woman who wrote a few scenes. They decided up front it was going to be the two of them. David Hill is of Asian descent.

— Needle & Pen (@ForArya) October 26, 2019

Now looking at this context, their whole run seems like a joke. A lot of the fans are really angry at this. They tweeted out their furious responses to the very baffling reveals that we got from David and Dan:

They wanted to remove as many fantasy elements as possible from fantasy books ?? Are they trolling ? I can’t believe this is real and not from an Onion article. jfc

— Jak ❄️❄️ (@SoBanked) October 27, 2019

but that messes up the entire series … you can’t take away the fantasy elements from asoiaf and have it still make sense! it fucks up the entire plot

— lord snow (@wintersdracarys) October 26, 2019

Benioff & Weiss had no idea what they were doing. But they were still given a budget of $6 million per episode. Their pilot was terrible, they made constant mistakes *and they talk about it openly*. Tell me which woman writers in Hollywood have ever had this kind of privilege.

— Strix literally means witch 🦇🎃🧙🏼‍♀️ (@the_strix) October 27, 2019

This QandA is a masterclass in conning your way into making a fantasy tv and not bothering to know anything about it and removing the fantasy parts. Mediocre men failing upwards

— Caramel Dimples (@reubenzj) October 27, 2019

THIS whole thread on #GameOfThrones should piss everybody off. Unproven white guys got to play filmmaker. While proven POC and women artist continually gets ignored by HBO.

— K.D Williams🤦🏾‍♂️ (@kdwilliams) October 27, 2019

Didn’t. Have. A. WRITERS ROOM

— southernblackthot 🇵🇸 (@fkaLuna_) October 26, 2019

“it never occurred to us to let other people do things on our show, so we did everything ourselves, which meant we had no time to actually figure out what our show was about and where we were even going”

— fightme tuscadero (@entoncesallora) October 27, 2019

“You don’t have any black writers weighing in on how you write Grey Worm and Missandei” “well, we have one Asian writer we promoted up who wrote 3 episodes in the past 3 years”

— The Dragon Demands (@ADragonDemands) October 26, 2019

Welp. There’s no doubt that this Q&A is going to bring more hate to David and Dan than the show’s decline ever did. You might remember that David and Dan were supposed to appear at the San Diego Comic-Con 2019 panel for Thrones, but pulled out at the last moment. Makes sense now, doesn’t it?

What do you guys think? Talk to us in the comments, down below, and make sure you check out Needle & Pen (@ForArya) on Twitter for bringing this priceless content to the rest of the Game of Thrones fanbase!


Life throws many challenges at us. Sometimes they can be too much to bear at one time but it is those challenges that make us who we become later in life. Natalie Dormer a.k.a. Margaery Tyrell of Game of Thrones too has had a life full of challenges and she recently talked about in an interview. Read on to find out more!

Buoyed by her recently released Penny Dreadful: City of Angels where she plays a demon, Dormer recently spoke to The Mirror. She reflected on her journey all the way from her school life where she was bullied to becoming a confident actress. She also spoke about why she craves for strong roles and their impact on her.

“I’m fascinated by powerful women who transform their strength into sensuality. I’m very shy in real life and I think there’s a side of me that hopes that by taking on these roles, I can become a great seductress. But I also want to be part of stories that show how women can lead interesting, engaging lives apart from their romantic relationships.”


She made it a point to not back down ever since she was bullied in the school. She said:

“I suffered a lot of bullying in school and, ever since, I’ve made it a point not to back down and to rise up to every situation and become a stronger person. That’s a key aspect of my personality and how I try to live. I needed to work on my confidence level in my 20s until I became more forceful.”

She also made a parallel between the world of 1930’s Los Angeles shown in her latest series to the current world.

“There’s been an incredible political polarization that has been going on in recent years – the demonization of the other, the resurgence of nationalism, pointing the finger at others, and this nasty brand of identity politics. There are very uncomfortable parallels between the state of things today and the kind of things happening in the mid-to-late 1930s and the lead-up to the Second World War.”

She also revealed that she almost made it to the Cambridge university but enrolled herself into a drama school instead. She was also pretty close to her grandfather who in some ways defined her future by supporting her creative juices.

From being bullied to being part of an epic saga like Game of Thrones and Hunger Games, Dormer has truly come a long way. We truly admire her for that.

How about you? Talk to us in the comments section below!


They say it’s for the best if certain things don’t work out. But if you ask us, Game of Thrones prequel not happening was just too sad. The prequel, unofficially called The Long Night was going to showcase the history of Westeros dating back 1000 years before the events of Game of Thrones, and it was going to be such a fascinating watch but when the cancellation was announced, let’s be honest — it sucked. Turns out we are not the only one thinking of it. Josh Whitehouse, one of the stars of the doomed prequel has recently talked about the show and what it meant for him. Read on!

While we know that the likes of Naomi Watts had already shot the pilot for the show, we still don’t know the exact reason why the show didn’t take off. Whitehouse was also going to be a part of the show and while he wasn’t going to feature until the second episode, he was still very excited about it. He caught up with TooFab and said that he had not shot for the pilot but was very proud to have got the auditions right.

“It was mind-blowing, just such an honor to even be considered for something like that. I got the audition, I got the job and then I spent a year and a half waiting for it to actually happen, pre-prod stuff.”

After waiting for so long he was obviously disappointed but he still looked at the bright side.

“Then it ended up getting canceled and I was like, ‘Oh, alright,’” he continued, “I was just honored to be involved, even to be able to say that is a huge thing for my career, it was such a big show.”

He also thought that because the show got canceled he didn’t have to deal with the pressure of being part of the Game of Thrones world. He said:

“In a sense, like, Game of Thrones was such a huge thing already, it’s kind of nice to not have that pressure, the potential to not live up to expectations and bring something new to the world,” he added. “But either way I would have been happy.”

Well, maybe things do happen for the best. While we would have really liked to see the Bloodmoon world, we have other prequels to look forward to!

What about you? Talk to us in the comments below!


Our universe badly needs a superhero right now. With the Coronavirus spreading its wings we could have done with an actual superhero or two. However, as doctors around the world do their best as our actual saviors, let’s shift our focus briefly to our virtual superheroes. Speaking of, we can all agree that Deadpool is unarguably the most different of them all and as a result, it has piqued the interest of a certain Queen. Read on to find out more!

Its been a year since Game of Thrones ended its run and with that came the end of the reign of a decade for Lena Headey as Queen Cersei Lannister. The manner in which it came to halt is still being discussed in the aisles of various forums, with Headey herself making her displeasure known to the world.

She had then said:

“I invested as a viewer and I have my favorite characters. And I’ve got a few of my own gripes. But I haven’t sat down drunkenly with David [Benioff] and Dan [Weiss] yet.” 

Before signing off with:

“I will say I wanted a better death.”


Well, be that as it may, Headey seems to have moved on and even has her eyes set on her dream role!

Speaking with HeroicHollywood recently, she said she loves the character of Deadpool and would love to play it. She also realizes that it has been taken but come on that shouldn’t stop her from dreaming. Universe has acted in stranger ways before. She said:

“Well, I’d love to play Deadpool. Obvs. Anyway, that’s been taken.”

While we absolutely love Ryan Reynolds’ version of Deadpool, that franchise can definitely accommodate Headey in some way or the other. Right?

Can you imagine Headey as Deadpool? Let us know in the comments below!