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Game of Thrones fans just loved the funny scene involving Bronn and Dickon

Game of Thrones Season 7 is here after a long wait, and with four episodes in, the season is over 50 percent finished already. The fourth episode of the season, titled ‘The Spoils of War’, aired today, and it was an all-rounder. Right from emotional reunion, badass moments, to an epic battle sequence at the end, the episode was quite a ride. It had its fair share of chuckles, but the biggest laugh was not ours, but that of Ser Bronn of the Blackwater. When Dickon Tarly came to speak to Jaime Lannister, he got introduced to Bronn. Jaime asked him if his name was Rickon, to which he replied, ‘Dickon’, and Bronn gave out a healthy chuckle. Naturally, we all thought that was hilarious, too, and the fandom has been reacting to this particular moment. Here are some of the best fan reactions :

Dickon Tarly: Ser JaimeJaime: RickonDickon: Dickon


— ‏ ‏ (@JHerondaleW) August 7, 2017

Dickon: Ser JaimeJaime: RickonDickon: DICKonBronn: ?hahahaha?

Jaime to Bronn:#GameOfThrones #ThronesYall

— Louise heeke (@louise_heeke) August 7, 2017

One of my fav parts of #GamesOfThrones tonight.Jamie: Was is Rickon?Dickon: Dickon.


— Mark Mausz (@MarkMausz) August 7, 2017

GoT Three Stars, early edition:

1. Bronn (Rickon/Dickon laugh remix)2. Arya (feat. Catspaw)

3. Littlefinger’s Vince McMahon gulp

— Adam Proteau (@Proteautype) August 7, 2017


bronn laughing is lowkey me #gots7

— (aghh!)ata? (@agatkr) August 7, 2017

Jaimie: RickonDickon: Dickon, my lord

Bronn: *What all our immature minds are thinking*#GameOfThrones

— Sara Castilleja (@smcastilleja) August 7, 2017

“Rickon.” “…Dickon.” Lmfaooooo I am Bronn forever

— bri (@vivienwalcott) August 7, 2017

Jamie: Rickon!D: No, it’s Dickon.

Bronn and the audience be like:#GameOfThones7

— Elmer Teves (@elmoglue) August 4, 2017

Rickon. Dickon.
We’re all Bronn in that scene. #GameOfThrones #SpoilsofWar

— Hungry Hungry Hippo (@boilerette17) August 7, 2017

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