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Game of Thrones extra talks about Life-Changing experience from set

Game of Thrones touched the lives of both the fans and the crew in more ways than one. Many of the cast members have often described the show as a life-changing experience. Andrew McClay was an extra on Game of Thrones, and he can testify to that. He played various recurring soldiers where he got close-ups during key episodes like Battle of the Bastards.

Andrew told the Irish Mirror, “I love this world, I’ve lived in it since I was 13. “I remember I went to a pre-release showing of the documentary, [director Jeanie Finlay] and my parents went too. She showed me the poster for the documentary and it was all designed like the Game of Thrones tapestry here in Belfast. She then tells me that I’m in the middle of it. I had to stop myself from crying, it was amazing.”

“[A] moment I always loved was at Comic-Con,” he remembered. “I was near the bathrooms and this girl just looked at me and started crying. She says to me, ‘it’s you, it’s really you. I cried throughout the entire documentary because you were just so passionate about the show. It inspired me to do more creative stuff’ and all this type of thing. She was proper bawling and I gave her a hug.”

A lot of people have written to me on Facebook and Instagram too. They said I have inspired them to do things and people ask me for tips and advice. They want to know how they can do a fraction of what I did on the show. I just always say to them that I have never felt more alive than I have on the set of Game of Thrones. I was at my most confident and it showed me where I belong.”

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