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Game of Thrones' Extra on Kit Harington- “He’d use the ‘do you have a light’ as an ice breaker.”

Conversational skills, though underrated, are one of the rarest skills few talented folks possess. At schools, we’re taught how to hold actual conversations, but we often get the jitters doing so in reality. One of the most common tricks is the use of an ice breaker. Nonetheless, it is quite difficult to come up with a usable one. Game of Thrones star Kit Harington has one such trick up his sleeve. His secret, however, has been revealed by one of the show’s extra, Andrew McClay.

In an interview with The Irish Mirror, McClay described how Kit would try to talk to as many people on set. He described him as one of the nicest people he had ever met.

Andrew said, “I remember being at the Battle of the Bastards but on other scenes that I wasn’t on, a lad from the Night’s Watch told me that too. He goes, ‘Kit doesn’t have a lighter on him because he likes going up to people and talking directly to the boys to break the ice by asking them for a lighter.’”

I saw him do it on the battle lines at the Battle of the Bastards. He’s here in front of 500 lads, he doesn’t know any of us but we all know who he is and he’s walking around getting to know us. That’s just a sign of what a nice man he is.”

What are some of the common ice breakers you’ve used? Tell us in the comments below!