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Game of Thrones has filmed in some amazing locations of the world so far, be it Northern Ireland, Croatia, or Spain. This year, for season 7, Game of Thrones has chosen some of the most exotic and beautiful locations of Spain, which surely will turn out to be completely mesmerizing on screen once the show […]

As per what the stars of Game of Thrones have revealed, season 7 of the show is going to be ridiculously epic, which includes a very brilliant battle sequence that is apparently going to be greater and more epic than the one in season 6. And since the filming has already begun in Spain what […]

After the Emmys wrapped up very recently, the stars of Game of Thrones have returned to Belfast so that the filming for season 7 can continue, and there have been various sightings around the town. Fansite Watchers on the Wall spotted a few stars of the show hanging out in Belfast, and here’s the tweet […]

Game of Thrones season 7 is being filmed in full swing in the exotic areas of Spain, and after the casting for extras gathered a grand number of people in the country, there’s more where that came from, as Spanish website Hoy reports. A scene in the region of  Extremadura in Spain requires about 70 […]

Game of Thrones season 7 is beginning its journey towards our television screens as the casting for extras has begun and stars of the show are being spotted at filming locations frequently. Since a lot of filming for season 7 is going to take place in Spain, its casting agency Modexpor had sent out notices […]

Game of Thrones season 7 is steadily going forward with its filming and production, and since a major chunk of filming is going to be taking place in Spain, casting notices for extras are being issued in a lot of locations for filming. After 8000 people showed up for casting in the Cáceres region of Spain, […]

Game of Thrones season 6 ended with Daenerys Targaryen leaving Daario Naharis behind in Meereen and finally sailing for Westeros along with her dragons and a huge military force. Looking at the numbers, Cersei is going to have a really tough time keeping the Iron Throne, unless she receives some help. The way things happened […]

Game of Thrones actors have been spotted in Belfast, Northern Ireland, and based on the many signs and news we’ve seen, the filming appears to have begun. Irish Thrones tweeted about the season 7 filming continuing in Northern Ireland at Corbet-Banbridge, the location where Riverrun is filmed at. It looks like Riverrun is going to […]

Game of Thrones is set to begin filming in Spain soon for its upcoming season, and with the many casting notices being issued in the UK as well as some in Spain, new ones keep coming up every now and then. The newest casting notice that is getting us interested has been sent out in […]

With Game of Thrones season 7 already under production and initial filming in Belfast, other significant filming locations are also coming into the news. Some interesting locations in Spain will be used for season 7 filming, and since the cast and crew are in Northern Ireland at the moment, we can assume that Spain will […]