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As Game Of Thrones approaches its final season, George R. R. Martin wishes he had finished the books sooner

So, this is it! The wait is almost over and the end is near. It’s been nearly 2 years since we last saw a new episode of our favorite series, Game Of Thrones. Now with the trailer for the final season out, we can barely wait for the series to be aired. The adrenaline rush is such that the mere mention of Game Of Thrones sets us into an animated debate as to how the series would progress and eventually end. But then, as much as we are all excited for the 8th season of Game Of Thrones, there is a silent corner in our hearts that is deeply saddened by that very fact — that we no longer will have a new episode to look forward to after this series ends. We are all going through a phase filled with mixed emotions. And, guess what? We aren’t the only ones!

George R. R. Martin, the author of this amazing world is in the same boat as us, though for a slightly different reason. In a recent interview to Entertainment Weekly, he claimed to “have mixed feelings about that.”

He added, “It’s been an incredible ride. And almost all of it has been great. Obviously, I wished I finished these books sooner so the show hadn’t gotten ahead of me. I never anticipated that.” For the final season, Martin says, “It’s the end for a lot of people. It’s not the end for me. I’m still deeply in it. I better live a long time because I have a lot of work left to do.”

With bated breath and fingers crossed, we hope that the last two books of the series come out soon as well. But when it comes to the perfectionist that George R.R. Martin is, we might as well have a wait of another decade ahead of us before we finally say goodbye to the world of Westeros.