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Arya Stark fulfills her destiny in Game of Thrones Season 8 Episode 3

Game of Thrones aired it’s longest and biggest episode today. Season 8 Episode 3 featured the biggest battle sequence the show has ever had, or for that matter, likely the biggest battle sequence filmed, ever. The Battle of Winterfell finally happened, and Winterfell’s resident bad-ass Arya Stark fulfilled her destiny. Before you proceed — SPOILER ALERT! Consider yourself warned!

This episode focused on the Army of the Dead coming to Winterfell, and our heroes had a game plan. The army was simply too big to be taken by their forces, and they had to lure out the Night King, to Bran and kill him there, thereby ending the Great War. Bran had offered himself to become the bait, and Theon offered to protect him and hold off the dead. The plan was that Daenerys and Jon would come in with their dragons and finish the job.

As we saw in the episode, this didn’t quite go as planned. The Dragons faced off against Viserion first, and Rhaegal was injured, while Drogon ultimately got crowded by the wights, leaving Daenerys surrounded by them. Jon tried to make his way to Bran but got stuck facing undead Viserion, and ultimately it was only Theon defending Bran. All hope was lost when the Night King arrived, killing Theon, and almost getting to Bran, when Arya jumped out of nowhere, and stuck the Night King with the pointy end of her Valyrian Steel dagger, making her the MVP of the battle.

So there you have it, folks — Arya just casually stabbed the Night King into oblivion. Didn’t think that’s how it would end, did you? Tell us your thoughts in the comments, down below!