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Anushree K, Author at Wiki of Thrones – Page 2 of 3

  • e28098makes-not-a-whit-of-sensee28099-grrm-denies-that-he-has-completed-the-last-two-books-400x240-4084345 e28098makes-not-a-whit-of-sensee28099-grrm-denies-that-he-has-completed-the-last-two-books-80x80-7982642

    News3 weeks ago

    Game Of Thrones fans went into a frenzy when the news that George R. R. Martin has finished writing the last two books – “The Winds…

  • two-hour-game-of-thrones-documentary-to-come-after-season-8-finale-2-400x240-2324182 two-hour-game-of-thrones-documentary-to-come-after-season-8-finale-2-80x80-9733139

    General3 weeks ago

    “The Bells”, which was the most cataclysmic episode delivered on Game of Thrones, saw multiple character deaths. Many of these were probably anticipated considering we had…

  • sophie-turner-blames-emilia-clarke-for-the-starbucks-coffee-cup-fiasco-400x240-8771780 sophie-turner-blames-emilia-clarke-for-the-starbucks-coffee-cup-fiasco-80x80-7905637

    News3 weeks ago

    It has been a roller-coaster ride for the fans and makers of Game Of Thrones post episode 3. The anachronism that happened in the last episode,…

  • untitled-2-400x240-3755317 untitled-2-80x80-7287561

    News3 weeks ago

    Choosing the lesser evil has sort of become a life rule these days. In a weekly survey posted on the Game Of Thrones community on Reddit,…

  • taylor-swifts-reveals-how-reputation-carried-game-of-thrones-inspired-undertones-400x240-8991415 taylor-swifts-reveals-how-reputation-carried-game-of-thrones-inspired-undertones-80x80-8474446

    Interview3 weeks ago

    If Taylor Swift’s “Wonderland” sounds like an inspiration from Lewis Carroll’s Alice in Wonderland, there is also something else that has literary and pop culture connotations….

  • i-was-quite-surprised-says-gwendoline-christie-about-brienne-and-jaime-in-the-last-of-the-starks-400x240-9905960 i-was-quite-surprised-says-gwendoline-christie-about-brienne-and-jaime-in-the-last-of-the-starks-80x80-8457046

    Interview3 weeks ago

    A sobbing Brienne of Tarth was a truly disheartening sight. The fourth episode of Game Of Thrones season 8 has come under the scanner for various…

  • iain-glen-confirms-what-daenerys-whispered-to-him-in-that-goodbye-scene-400x240-7524550 iain-glen-confirms-what-daenerys-whispered-to-him-in-that-goodbye-scene-80x80-5794977

    Interview4 weeks ago

    Episode 4, “The Last of the Starks”, began with the living laying the dead to rest one final time. We saw respects being paid to some…

  • bronn-made-a-new-deal-in-game-of-thrones-season-8-episode-4-400x240-1188774

    General4 weeks ago

    Bronn has been a fan favourite since the time he saved Tyrion at the Eyrie. At the beginning of this season, Jerome Flynn who plays Bronn…

  • ice-spiders-a-song-of-ice-and-fire-e1545058420890-4350112 ice-spiders-a-song-of-ice-and-fire-e1545058420890-4350112

    Interview4 weeks ago

    “Yet there are other tales—harder to credit and yet more central to the old histories—about creatures known as the Others. According to these tales, they came…

  • richard-dormer-reveals-that-beric-dondarrions-final-line-was-cut-from-the-episode-400x240-6969581 richard-dormer-reveals-that-beric-dondarrions-final-line-was-cut-from-the-episode-80x80-7706355

    Interview4 weeks ago

    When Beric Dondarrion pulled a Hodor (Hold the Door) in the latest episode, The Long Night, frenzied fans immediately bombarded the Internet with numerous memes of…