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About Us – Wiki of Thrones

WikiOfThrones Media Inc. (WIKIOFTHRONES.COM) is an independent news website which is dedicated to the coverage of latest news in regards to Game Of Thrones. We are a group of GOT (Game Of Thrones) enthusiasts who work from different parts of the world with the main aim to serve well-researched news, filming details, casting news, and updates from media houses. Our team includes reporters who’ve worked previously in a few TV series and as Filmmakers globally.

Why we started WikiOfThrones?

Our main goal is to provide the latest news to our readers which are factually correct and are not biased. We are not just another news portal, but our team members have the passion to analyze the news, check for facts and get deep into the news before publishing a post on the platform.

WikiOfThrones is an independent news portal which is focused on the coverage of latest news which includes filming details, statements by the cast and official news articles related to the Game Of Thrones TV Series.

How was WikiOfThrones formed?

There are a lot of prevalent websites which deals with news about TV series, but there are not many websites which focus on coverage of the Game Of Thrones. That’s why a lot of news related to this TV series doesn’t even reach the readers. We formed this portal as there is a vacuum which is to be filled.

Our Goal

WikiOfThrones is a news portal created with the main goal to provide latest and well-researched news on GameOfThrones. We’ve grown by leaps and bounds since the launch and have expanded our community from a few writers and co-workers to extensive readers and traffic. Our goal here is to provide well-researched news and articles in regards to Game Of Thrones sector.

Meet our team: WikiOfThrones Team.

If you have any query related to content we post or wish to tip us with any story you can either visit our contact page or mail us at [email protected]