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Everyone who died in Game of Thrones Season 8 Episode 5 ‘The Bells’




game of thrones finale leaks accurate

Daenerys Targaryen had promised to bring down the sky upon King’s Landing, and so she did. Game of Thrones Season 8 Episode 5 ‘The Bells’ saw many deaths as the two queens clashed amidst fire and blood, and some of the show’s longest veterans drew their last breath.

Here’s a lowdown on all the deaths, expected and unexpected, that came to pass in episode 5. If you aren’t caught up on the episode yet, be warned, this post contains massive spoilers!


Lord Varys

HBO releases photos from Game Of Thrones Season 8 Episode 5: The Bells

The Master of Whisperers has betrayed many rulers in his lifetime in order to uphold his true loyalty – peace for the Realm of Westeros. His last betrayal cost him his life. Concerned with Daenerys’ increasingly unhinged tendencies, Varys had chosen to put his faith in the last Targaryen available – Jon Snow AKA Aegon Targaryen. He got busted by one he called his friend – Tyrion Lannister. He died just as Dany said he would if he ever betrayed her – burnt alive by Dragonfire.

Euron Greyjoy


The pirate lord had been overreaching for too long and kinda had this coming. Euron managed to survive Dany’s fury but then chose to challenge Jaime Lannister on his way to Cersei –  which is never a good idea. The two men acted out their rivalry over Cersei in a cave under the Red Keep and for a moment Euron almost seemed to have gotten the upper hand – until Jaime ran past his sword through him. Euron died as he lived, in grandiose delusion, this time believing to have slain the Kingslayer.

The Golden Company and Harry Strickland

All that build-up from Season 7 and the much-hyped Golden Company was just about wiped out in two seconds when Daenerys rained down fire from the sky. Their leader Harry Strickland died while running away, speared from the back by Grey Worm. With overall screentime of just a few minutes in the entire season, there’s not much to mourn in these deaths.

Gregor and Sandor Clegane


Cleganebowl finally happened, and this is perhaps one of the only storylines that completely lived up to the hype. The Clegane Brothers, bound to each other’s fate by primal hatred clashed in a struggle to death as the Red Keep crashed down around them. It’s a kind of poetic justice that the undead Gregor became human again, if only for a few moments, triggered by the pure and primal hatred his brother inspired in him. This was the first time since his ‘revival’ that he disobeyed Qyburn and Cersei.


The morally corrupt but scientific genius Qyburn had risen from a disgraced maester to Queen Cersei’s Hand. It is fitting that he met his end in the hands of one of his own horrible creations – the undead Mountain. Qyburn may have bent the Mountain to his will but he did not account for the deep and almost primal hate between the Clegane Brothers.

Jaime and Cersei Lannister


The Lannister twins went from the world as they came into it – together. Jaime had tried to turn a new leaf, far away from the twisted schemes of his sister and lover. But blood does run thicker than water, and the Lannister pride and bond ultimately won out. As they stood trapped in the Red Keep dungeons, Cersei was afraid for the first time, for her and Jaime’s baby, for their future. The Red Keep crashed overhead and Jaime and Cersei met death hand in hand, tragic and defiant in their love and pride.

The people of King’s Landing

For two whole seasons, all of Dany’s advisers had been trying to dissuade her from attacking King’s Landing precisely because of the multitude of people who call it their home. Daenerys had vowed to “break the wheel” that crushed the poor, and to never become “Queen of the Ashes”. In her final, mad fury she reneged on all those promises and brought death and unfathomable destruction to the very people she had claimed to protect from Cersei’s misrule.


The panic, trauma, and helplessness of them is captured in the heartbreaking montage of Arya running through the streets hand in hand with other residents, trying to avoid the fire overhead and Dothraki blades on the streets. The people of King’s Landing paid the price of Dany’s pain and madness with their lives.

Dany’s Last War has been won, but at a great and terrible cost. What awaits the Dragon Queen now?

Writer, translator, and high fantasy nerd based in Kolkata, India. Would dearly love to own a pet dragon some day, but the black market isn't really helping.

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Game of Thrones Finale sees Arya Stark finally embracing her old dream




arya stark game of thrones season 8 finale

Game of Thrones series Finale gave each character their dues, some satisfactory and some not so much. But the Stark kids seem to be doing pretty well! Just as Sansa got her childhood wish, Arya Stark too took her first steps in a direction she always wanted to go.

This post contains spoilers, so stop reading if you haven’t seen the finale yet (but seriously, what are you doing? Hurry up!).

game of thrones sansa finale satisfying end

“What’s West of Westeros?” Arya Stark had asked out back in Season 6. She was talking to Lady Crane, an actress who helped her with a stab wound and let Arya stay at her place. That’s what she really wants, to go off exploring beyond where the maps stop.

She couldn’t then. Arya came back home, avenged her family’s death, saved humanity from the undead invasion and survived the carnage at King’s Landing. All her duties done, and Winter already receding, Arya now goes back to her old dream of becoming an explorer. In the last scenes of Game of Thrones Season 8 Finale, we see Arya sailing on a ship, journeying to the “west of Westeros”.

Arya had always been an anomaly in the rigid society of Westeros. She was expected to marry a lord and bear his children. But Arya never saw herself in that role. That’s why she rejected Gendry’s proposal in episode 4, even though she clearly had affection for him. She knew that marriage, even to someone she loves, will bind her in society’s expectations. Arya rejected that with all her heart.

Game of Thrones may not be as kind to everyone, but I’m glad at least Arya got her happy ending!

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In Game of Thrones Series Finale, a new era dawns on the Small Council





By the end of the Game of Thrones Series Finale, Westeros is not as it was before. Some changes are big and are immediately visible, like the fate of the Starks and the Targaryens. But some changes are subtle, yet far more impactful in the long run. One such detail is the all-new Small Council of King’s Landing that is formed after the Last War.

This post contains massive spoilers, so be warned!

In an unexpected twist, Brandon Stark was chosen as the King of the Six Kingdoms (North chose to remain out). And as tradition demands, a small council was formed to aid him in the ruling. As Bran’s chosen Hand, Tyrion Lannister presides over the existent Small Council, whose main work is filling up the vacant posts right now. But the people who get precedence in joining the Small Council is quite interesting.

Here are all of them: Ser Davos Seaworth as Master of Ships, Ser Bronn of Blackwater as Master of Coin, Samwell Tarly as Grand Maester, and Brienne of Tarth as Lord Commander of the Kingsguard. Now let’s have a closer look.


Davos and Bronn are lowborn – one was a smuggler and another a mercenary. Sam is a Black Brother whose rights to hold power positions were forfeited. The Kingsguards are all knights and women cannot be knights in Westeros. Brienne would have been barred out of this position by her gender alone – and yet here she is.

In the deeply feudal society of Westeros, the four principle advisers to the King are people who have no birthright to be there, yet all of them have gone through enough experience to earn their place (Although Bronn’s position seems to be a trade-off regarding his ‘service’ of the Lannister brothers). That’s a quiet revolution going on right there.


With the Iron Throne gone and the hereditary kingship system broken (Bran cannot father children and his successor will have to be chosen), the Small Council’s power and prominence grow tenfold. Democracy or not,  interesting times ahead for Westeros!

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Drogon broke the wheel in the Game Of Thrones series finale




Why did Drogon do THAT in the series finale

The last episode to the Game of Thrones series dropped today and things went up in flames courtesy Drogon. Tons of spoilers coming up ahead so watch out.

With a little cajoling from Tyrion and yeah, also the fact that Daenerys barbecued thousands of innocent civilians in King’s Landing, Jon FINALLY came to the conclusion that Dany probably wasn’t the best option for Westeros. After a final bout of reasoning where he tried to make her see the light and she refused, Jon finally decided he had had enough and stabbed her in the gut.

Why did Drogon do THAT in the series finale

Drogon then arrived on the scene and upon realising his mom was dead, went on a fiery rampage that didn’t char grill Jon Snow as you would have expected. Instead, he turned on the Iron Throne and melted it to the ground. If you think about it, this was kind of poetic. Daenerys has been talking about breaking the wheel for as long as anyone can remember. The Iron Throne through the often questionable people who sat on it has been the site of injustice and atrocity, and in melting it down, Drogon paid a final tribute to his mother by breaking the final wheel. In addition to this, it was her ancestor who built the Iron Throne using Dragon fire and now Dragon fire was used to destroy it.

The series really did come full circle because the object that everyone’s been fighting over since the very beginning, is now no more.

What did you think of the finale?

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