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16 details you might have missed in Game Of Thrones Season 8 Episode 4




16 details you might have missed in Game Of Thrones Season 8 Episode 4

The latest Game Of Thrones episode, “The Last of the Starks” presented us with some shocking moments. With the Battle of Winterfell getting over, many people thought that the 4th episode would be a filler episode and would just help in building up the story for the big battle that we are going to witness in the fifth episode. However, Game Of Thrones surprised us with two deaths and a lot of important scenes.

As usual, the episode was filled with hidden details and callbacks to the previous seasons. So let’s take a look at the details you might have missed in Game Of Thrones Season 8 Episode 4: The Last of the Starks.


1. Changes in the opening credits

16 details you might have missed in Game Of Thrones Season 8 Episode 4

So far in season 8, we have seen slight variations in the opening credits based on the events that are occurring in the episode. We saw the march of the White Walkers during the initial episodes but now that they are dead, we got to see some new additions. If you look carefully, you will see funeral pyres around Winterfell and we can also see the damage that was caused to Winterfell.

16 details you might have missed in Game Of Thrones Season 8 Episode 4

We got to see a slightly different view of Winterfell that has been damaged after the battle.

16 details you might have missed in Game Of Thrones Season 8 Episode 4

Even the interiors show us the damage that occurred during the Battle of Winterfell.


2. Jon Snow’s speech at the funeral

16 details you might have missed in Game Of Thrones Season 8 Episode 4

At the funeral, Jon Snow gave a speech that was similar to the one given by Maester Aemon after the battle between the Night’s Watch and the Wildlings in season 4.

“We’re here to say goodbye to our brothers and sisters. To our fathers and mothers. To our friends. Our fellow men and women who set aside their differences to fight together and die together so that others might live. “

“Everyone in this world owes them a debt that can never be repaid. It is our duty and our honour to keep them alive in memory for those who come after us and those who come after them for as long as men draw breath. They were the shields that guarded the realms of men and we shall never see their like again.”

Maester Aemon had spoken on similar lines in the season 4 finale.

“They came to us from White Harbour and Barrowtown, from Fairmarket and King’s Landing. From North and South, from East and West. They died protecting men, women and children who will never know their names. It is for us to remember them. Our brothers, we shall never see their like again. “


3. Bran mentions Daeron Targaryen

While speaking with Tyrion Lannister, Bran mentioned Daeron Targaryen when Tyrion pointed towards Bran’s wheelchair and said that it was clever.

Daeron Taragryen is Jon Snow’s ancestor and in the books, Jon Snow spoke about Daeron while talking with Benjen Stark. Daeron inspired Jon to join the Night’s Watch as Daeron had become the king at the age of 14 and had managed to conquer Dorne.

However, he was reminded by uncle Benjen that Daeron was also assassinated at the age of 18. This can be considered as a foreshowing in the books as Jon was also assassinated by the brothers of the Night’s Watch.


4. Tyrion’s drinking games

We saw Tyrion, Jaime and Brienne playing a drinking game in the episode and this isn’t the first time we are seeing Tyrion playing this game. We were first introduced to Tyrion’s drinking game in the penultimate episode of season 1, when he was playing it with Shae and Bronn.

However, that wasn’t the only time he has played a drinking game. We saw him playing another drinking game in season 6 with Missandei and Grey Worm which involved telling jokes.


5. Game Of Thrones showrunners make a cameo

Game of Thrones showrunners David and Dan had a cameo in "The Last of the Starks"

The Game Of Thrones showrunners, David Benioff and Dan Weiss had a cameo in the episode, dressed as Wildlings. The scene involved Tormund praising Jon Snow, while mentioning that he must be a mad man or a King to ride a dragon. In the same scene, we see the showrunners dressed as Wildlings, who are standing next to Tormund.


6. Coffee cup on the table

The latest Game Of Thrones episode featured an unusual mistake as we got to see a Starbucks coffee cup that was placed on the table, in front of Daenerys Targaryen. The coffee cup appeared only during one scene but it was enough for fans to create memes about it. Within hours everyone was talking about Starbucks opening a branch in Winterfell.


7. Pod the player

16 details you might have missed in Game Of Thrones Season 8 Episode 4

We know that Podrick is a legend when it comes to seduction and the ladies love him. In the episode we saw a few girls approaching Podrick, Tormund and the Hound to hook-up but the Hound managed to scare away the girl. That’s when Sansa came to speak with him. While they were speaking, we saw that Podrick who was already with a girl, approached the second girl and whispered something in her ear and off they went to have an adventure.


8. Gendry Rivers

16 details you might have missed in Game Of Thrones Season 8 Episode 4

It appears that the Game Of Thrones crew was having a rough day while filming this episode as there was another big mistake in the episode. The scene I am talking about involves Gendry and Arya.

Gendry was searching for Arya and when he found her, he shared that he was legitimized by Daenerys and now he is Gendry Baratheon and not Gendry Rivers and that’s a big mistake that got overlooked before the episode was aired. Rivers is a name given to bastards who are born in the Riverlands. Gendry was born in King’s Landing and his name should be Gendry Waters.


9. That’s not me

Gendry told Arya that he was made the Lord of Storm’s End, and he also proposed and asked her to marry him and become the Lady of Storm’s End. Knowing how Arya is, we knew that this wasn’t going to end on a happy note for Gendry and Arya told him, “I am not a lady. I never have been. That’s not me.”

This is a callback to Arya’s interaction with Ned Stark in season 1. While speaking with Arya, Ned said, “You will marry a high lord and rule his castle and your sons shall be knights and princes and lords.”

On hearing this, Arya replied, “No, that’s not me.”

We again came across this reference in season 6 when Arya met Nymeria and she asked Nymeria to come with her to Winterfell.

“Nymeria, it’s me, Arya. I am heading North, girl. Back to Winterfell, I am finally going home. Come with me.”

However, Nymeria turned away and left and that’s when Arya realised that Nymeria was just like her and she wanted to live freely on her own terms and Arya said, “That’s not you.”


10. Like father like son

We know that Robert Baratheon was supposed to marry Lyanna Stark but Lyanna loved Rhaegar Targaryen and she eloped with him. An angry Robert claimed that Rhaegar had kidnapped Lyanna and that one incident resulted in a war that ended the Targaryen rule in Westeros. “Robert’s rebellion was built on a lie

And now the moment Gendry became a Baratheon, he was immediately rejected by another Stark. We hope that this doesn’t create any further issues in Westeros.


11. Power resides where men believe it resides

16 details you might have missed in Game Of Thrones Season 8 Episode 4

Bronn finally made an appearance in the latest episode and he seemed in no mood to have a proper discussion with Tyrion and Jaime. He complained that he had worked a lot for the Lannisters but he hardly got anything in return.

“Power resides where men believe–, “ said Tyrion before Bronn cut him off.

We had last heard this line in season 2, when Lord Varys had said the same thing to Tyrion. Varys had posed a riddle for Tyrion.

“Three great men sit in a room. A king, a priest and a rich man. Between them stands a common sellsword. Each great man bids the sellsword to kill the other two. Who lives, who dies?”

When Tyrion gave up, Varys answered, “Power resides where men believe it resides. It’s a trick, a shadow on the wall. And a very small man can cast a very large shadow.”

In the latest episode, Bronn represents the sellsword from the riddle.


12. He’s not a Stark

16 details you might have missed in Game Of Thrones Season 8 Episode 4

Tyrion met Sansa before leaving for Dragonstone and suggested that she doesn’t need to be Daenerys’ friend and it’s not in the best interest of the Starks to provoke Daenerys. Sansa replied by saying that she didn’t want Jon to go South as the men in her family don’t do well in King’s Landing.

Tyrion replied by saying, “No, but as your brother once told me, he’s not a Stark.”

This is a reference to the interaction between Jon and Tyrion from season 7, when Jon visited Dragonstone. While speaking, Tyrion mentioned a general rule of thumb, “Stark men don’t fare well when they travel South.”

“True, but I am not a Stark,” responded Jon.


13. This is the North

Before leaving Winterfell, Jon met Tormund to say goodbye and Tormund mentioned that he was taking the Free Folk home as they had enough of the South. That’s when Jon reminded him, “This is the North, you know.”

This is a callback to the 6th episode of season 7, when Jon, Tormund and others had gone beyond the Wall to capture a Wight. Tormund mentioned that, “I can breathe again. Down South, the air smells like pig shit.”

Jon immediately responded by saying, “You have never been down South.” To this Tormund replied, “I have been to Winterfell.”


14. Arya and Hound going to King’s Landing

16 details you might have missed in Game Of Thrones Season 8 Episode 4

Arya joined the Hound and both of them are heading to King’s Landing now. When Arya asked him about it, he replied, “I have some unfinished business.” This can only indicate he’s going there for the Mountain. Cleganebowl is coming!!!

Arya has two people on her list: Cersei and the Mountain. So it’s possible that both of them might team up for this mission. However, both of them said that they don’t plan on coming back, which might indicate that Arya and the Hound might die in the upcoming episodes.


15. Tyrion and Lord Varys talk about Daenerys

Tyrion and Varys sat in the Throne Room in Dragonstone and discussed about Daenerys and how she didn’t seem to be the best choice to rule Westeros. Both of them have doubts about Daenerys and this isn’t the first time this has happened.

In season 7, Tyrion and Varys sat in the same place right after Daenerys had executed Randyll and Dickon Tarly and they had doubts that Daenerys could turn out like her father. However, at that time Varys suggested that with the right counsel they could avoid the situation.

Looks like Varys has lost hope now and now he’s convinced that there’s no way to control Daenerys.


16. Lord Varys and Daenerys made a promise to each other

In the last season Daenerys asked Lord Varys to swear that, “If you think I am failing, you won’t conspire behind my back. You will look me in the eye as you have done today and you’ll tell me how I am failing.” When he agreed, Daenerys responded by saying, “And I swear this. If you ever betray me, I’ll burn you alive.”

In the latest episode, as promised, Varys looked Daenerys in her eyes and told her that she was making a mistake. However, Daenerys refused to listen to him and that’s when he realised that Daenerys would do what she wanted to do and that would result in the loss of lives.

In the next scene, he told Tyrion that Jon should become the King and that’s the only solution. We saw that Varys is conspiring behind Daenerys’ back and this might prove fatal for him and we know if he gets caught, Drogon will be ready to burn him, as promised by Daenerys. So even though this is an assumption that I am making, based on the details that have been mentioned in the latest episode, it’s likely that we might see this happening soon.

So these are the things that you might’ve missed while watching Game Of Thrones Season 8 Episode 4: The Last of the Starks. Please let me know in the comments section if I have missed any details.

Founder at Wiki of Thrones and a full-time Game of Thrones fan who does other work when he has finished reading and writing about Game of Thrones and also dreams about playing a role in the show.


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You forget one important thing: Tyrion also said to Varys “Please… don’t.” which refers to Tyrion’s trial back in season 4 episode 6 – he said the same thing to Shae before her accusation. 🙂


Ilyn Payne is still on Arya’s list for beheading Ned.


10 Things We Want From Game of Thrones Prequel ‘House of The Dragon’




Game of Thrones ended last year in May once and for all. During the Emmys of 2018, the author George R.R. Martin had revealed show could have spanned for at least thirteen seasons. We too felt the same way after watching the final season of Game of Thrones –  it was rushed, and many fans couldn’t take ending well. Though the series has ended for good now, hopes are high for the prequel ‘House of the Dragon’ currently in development. 

House of the Dragon is expected to premiere in 2022 and George R.R. Martin will once again come aboard for it as a co-executive producer. Hopefully, with George coming back for the new series, it will be something better, leaving the fans more contended. Moreover, the series will be written by Ryan Condal –  known for major movies like Rampage, Colony, and Hercules. This is something fans will truly look forward to. 

The wait for House of the Dragon is long. We don’t have any more clues about it apart from the fact that it will be set 300 years prior to the events of Game of Thrones. Moreover, it will also be based on George’s 2019 book ‘Fire and Blood’ –  a book based on Targaryen history narrated from the point of view of a Maester. Yet, apart from these little details, here are 10 things we would definitely want the new series to cover: 

1. The story of King Jaehaerys and Queen Alysanne

King Jaehaerys and Queen Alysanne

The story of the noble Targaryen King Jaehaerys and Alysanne is worth telling. King Jaehaerys is told to be wise whereas his consort Alysanne is said to be high-spirited, charming and keenly intelligent. And the best part is that both of them were dragon riders. While Jaehaerys rode Vermithor – the third-largest dragon known after Balerion and Vhagar, Alysanne’s mount was Silverwing described as the most beautiful dragon. George’s book Fire and Flood even covers the story of the duo travelling North and how Silverwing refused to go beyond the Wall. 

This story rhymes with the most recent events in Game of Thrones. In Season 7, even Daenerys Targaryen rode her dragons far North much like her ancestor Alysanne. HBO should definitely cover this storyline in the new series House of the Dragon. 

2. Other Houses Involved Apart From Targaryens

10 Things We Want From Game of Thrones Prequel ‘House of The Dragon’


The upcoming prequel series is named House of the Dragon. This essentially means that it will be a historical account of House Targaryen but wouldn’t we want to know which other houses were involved? A history and lore video from Game of Thrones already gave us a glimpse of all major houses during Aegon Targaryen’s Conquest – House Darrindon, House Stark, House Lannister, House Gardener, and others. We would love to see other major and minor houses during the reign of the Targaryens. 

3. Any Mention Of White Walkers in House of the Dragon

Any Mention Of White Walkers in House of the Dragon

The White Walkers remained a mystery throughout the course of all eight seasons of Game of Thrones. The opening scene which shows two of the Night’s Watch members ambushed and brutally killed by them, teased we would learn a lot about them in the series. But before we could learn more, the series was over with Arya Stark being the one who puts an end to the Night King and his Army of the Dead. So, did those symbols, Children of the Forest, and the Three-eyed Raven meant nothing? 

We briefly got a glimpse of a First Man being stabbed with a dragonglass in the heart, which transforms him into the Night King. But there’s definitely something more to it we need to know out there. Since the ‘Bloodmoon’ prequel has been cancelled, we would definitely want to know if the Targaryens knew anything about the White Walkers at all?

4. Daenys The Dreamer and Her Dream

Daenys The Dreamer and Her Dream

The Targaryens were one of the prominent houses in Valyria –  the mightiest of all kingdoms known for its prosperity and their knowledge of mystic arts. But, the Doom of Valyria left it in ashes. House Targaryen was the only house that survived it, thanks to Daenys the Dreamer who dreamt of it twelve years ago. Targaryens then settled down in Westeros choosing Dragonstone as its seat of power. 

Much like Daenerys Targaryen, there’s much to Daenys’ dreams too. We would definitely love to see this chapter in the chronicles of Targaryen history in House of the Dragon.

5. Aegon Targaryen As Focus Point Of House of the Dragon

Aegon Targaryen As Focus Point Of House of the Dragon

House of the Dragon is meant to show accounts of the Targaryens as narrated in the Fire and Blood. After the Doom of Valyria, Targaryens settled down in Westeros choosing Dragonstone as its seat of power. Years later, Aegon along with his sister-wives Visenya and Rhaeneys began his conquest of Westeros.

Aegon rode Balerion the Dread and all the major houses of Westeros bowed to him and he finally became the ruler of the Seven Kingdoms. We would definitely like to see this storyline being covered by the series.

6. Mystery Behind The Death Of Maegor the Cruel

The Death Of Maegor the Cruel

Maegor Targaryen, also known as Maegor the Cruel, was the third Targaryen King to sit on the Iron Throne. He was the son Aegon the Conquerer and Visenya Targaryen. He is called Maegor the Cruel as he was a ruthless ruler much-like Cersei Lannister.

He was the one who torched Harrenhall and much like Cersei destroyed the Sept of Remembrance once the Faith of the Seven turned against the Targaryens. Though how he died always remained a mystery as he was found dead, seated on the Iron Throne. Some say he was killed by Queen Elinor, while others say he was killed by a knight of his Kingsguard. House of the Dragon should definitely cover Maegor’s storyline.

7. The Tragedy of Summerhall

The Tragedy of Summerhall

The Tragedy of Summerhall was an important event in the chronicles of House Targaryen. It was a fire where King Aegon V Targaryen, his eldest son, Prince Duncan Targaryen, and Ser Duncan the Tall, were killed in a fire. It is said that the fire at the castle of Summerhall occurred due to a failed attempt of hatching petrified dragon eggs.

The tragedy also marked the birth of Prince Rhaegar Targaryen – the elder brother of Daenerys and biological father of Jon Snow. It’s a storyline worth getting a sight to the lovers of Game of Thrones.

8. Dance of the Dragons – the Targaryen Civil War

Dance of the Dragons

Dance of the Dragons – a civil war that broke out between Aegon II Targaryen and his half-sister Rhaenyra Targaryen for the Iron Throne. They both were the issues of King Viserys Targaryen. As a result of the two-year-long war, both of the rivals died and Aegon III was crowned the King of the Seven Kingdoms.

George RR Martin’s book Fire and Flood closely follows the story of Dance of the dragons and since the series House of the Dragon is based on it, there’s no doubt we don’t see this civil war in House Targaryen.

9. Daemon Blackfyre and How He Founded House Blackfyre

Daemon Blackfyre and How He Founded House Blackfyre

Daemon Blackfyre was a Targaryen bastard child of King Aegon IV Targaryen and he founded the House Blackfyre after Aegon Targaryen’s sword of the same name. He was legitimized by his father while dying and this started an event in Targaryen history known as the ‘Blackfyre Rebellion’.

The story of Daemon Blackfyre and House Blackfyre would be an interesting story to follow if the series House of the Dragon decides to go beyond the book Fire and Blood.

10. And, What Would ‘House Of The Dragon’ Be Without Dragons?

And, What Would ‘House Of The Dragon’ Be Without Dragons

And finally, dragons! What would a prequel series to Game of Thrones based on Fire and Blood look like without dragons? After seeing Daenerys Targaryen’s three dragons – Drogon, Viserion, and Rhaegal, the fans would die to see more dragons. Balerion the Dread, Vhagar, Meraxes, Sunfyre, Moondancer – the list goes on for the new ones we expect to see in House of the Dragon.

It’s a long way until we see House of the Dragon premiere on our TV screens. With the series finally getting a nod from HBO, more and more news about it will surely surface. Don’t worry, we at Wiki of Thrones will definitely keep you posted about the same!

So, how excited are you for House of the Dragon and will it be better than Game of Thrones? Share your thoughts in the comments section down below.

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The best and worst moments from Game Of Thrones Season 8 Episode 6




After almost eight years of build-up, viewers’ emotional investment, unexpected character arcs, and a thousand questions, Game Of Thrones finally came to an end. Fans were sad that the series was getting over and many people thought that there should’ve been more seasons. But one can only wish. Here are some of the best and the worst moments from the final episode. One last time.

The Best Moments from Episode 6

Daenerys, the Dragon Queen

Madness, ruthlessness, cruelty be damned! When Daenerys walks out of the ruins of the Red Keep to address the Unsullied and the Dothraki, Drogon flies from behind her. And the frame makes it look as if the Dragon Queen herself has grown herself a pair of giant dragon wings. A simple moment made amazing by some outstanding camera work.


Tyrion calls it quits

As Tyrion moves brick after brick and sees for himself what he had long suspected – Jaime and Cersei, dead, in each other’s arms, the moment is heartbreaking. Having just witnessed the charred bodies and the ashes outside the Red Keep, Tyrion finally accepts what Daenerys has become. He goes out, confronts her, and tosses away the Hand’s pin. In this moment of ultimate defiance, the little man is taller than the others who are still living under the fear of the ruthless woman who calls herself the Queen.


Grey Worm executing Lannister soldiers

Grey Worm rounds up the surviving Lannister soldiers and sentences them to die. As Jon and Ser Davos oppose the execution of prisoners of war who have surrendered, Grey Worm tells them that it’s on the Queen’s orders. The moment further establishes how ruthless Daenerys has become and also that Grey Worm is following in her footsteps. At the moment that Grey Worm proceeds to personally slit the throats of the prisoners, Jon begins to accept that something is not quite right in the way things are shaping up.


Jon chooses to do the right thing

HBO releases photos from Game Of Thrones Season 8 Episode 6: The Iron Throne

After watching pointless death and destruction around him and seeing for himself what Daenerys is becoming, Jon is torn between the woman he loves and what he knows to be right. Tyrion, now a prisoner, also tells Jon that he needs to put an end to this madness. But it is not until Jon meets Dany that he truly understands the magnitude of her madness and her obsession with power. As they kiss, Jon plunges a dagger deep into her belly. So one moment, they are kissing, and the next moment, Dany gasps and stops moving. As Jon supports her lifeless body, it is clear how difficult it was for him to choose between love and truth.


Drogon’s fury

HBO releases photos from Game Of Thrones Season 8 Episode 6: The Iron Throne

As Drogon realizes Daenerys is dead, his fury knows no bounds. For a moment it looks as if he is going to burn Jon down. But, instead, he chooses to turn his fury on the Iron Throne. The Throne which was made from a thousand swords of Ageon’s fallen enemies was forged from dragonfire. In a fitting end to the Throne, it is dragonfire that burns it down as the steel melts. The Throne for which wars were fought and lives were lost simply ceases to exist. It’s as if Drogon understands that it was the Throne and the Power that it symbolised that brought about Dany’s end.


The Worst Moments from Episode 6

Bran being annoying again

The whole premise of making Bran becoming the King was that he knows everything from the past and knows everything that is going to happen. Though Peter Dinklage delivered Tyrion’s lines with conviction, the whole build-up to naming Bran as the King seemed forced. There was no character development on the show ever which established Bran as a worthy ruler. His USP is rolling his eyes up into his head and time travelling, not exactly a trait to be sought after in rulers. But when Tyrion asks him to be the King, Bran doesn’t miss a beat before he responds, “Why do you think I came all this way?” So, he knew all this time that this was what it was going to come to. Okay, whatever.


Jon is in the Night’s Watch again

HBO releases photos from Game Of Thrones Season 8 Episode 6: The Iron Throne

This one was plain stupid. Jon chose to do the difficult but right thing by killing Daenerys. The Unsullied, led by Grey Worm want him dead. Fine. For some reason, Yara Greyjoy, suddenly appearing in the final episode also refuses to see the logic behind Dany’s killing. And all the Lords and Ladies of the important Houses of Westeros decide that it’s best for Jon to take the black again? Why? For the love of God, the Unsullied are sailing back to Essos. So is this only to please Yara’s whim? But, poor Jon is sent back to Castle Black to guard the realms of men against what, now? The Night King is dead, the wildlings are friends. So is he going to guard the six and one kingdoms against gusts of wind from the North? After the entire build-up to Jon’s character and bringing him back from the dead, it was a huge letdown to see him simply go back into exile. You know nothing, and now you got nothing, too, Jon Snow!


Lord of the Reach, Bronn

Granted that Bronn is an interesting and entertaining character. But honourable? No way! So why on earth would anybody in their right mind decide to give him lofty titles and carve a big piece of lordship for him in the form of the rich and fertile Highgarden? Just because he demanded it? What is it that made Tyrion and Bran choose Bronn as the new Master of Coin? Is it just because he likes the coin? The logic was thrown out of the highest window in the Red Keep and Lord Bronn is now a small council member whose mission is to build more brothels.


A Song of Ice and Fire

details you might have missed in Game Of Thrones Season 8 Episode 6

The book series on which the show is based is called A Song of Ice and Fire. It would have been okay to not mention anything about it in the finale. But, no. The makers had to go and ruin the finale further. So, Samwell shows everybody a book that chronicles the events that took place up to that point. It has been written by Archmaester Ebrose. But what exactly is the song of ice and fire in the context of the show’s rushed climax? With Daenerys dead and Jon sent away to Castle Black, what exactly is ‘Ice and Fire’? The mention seemed forced and not at all well thought-out.


So, the final episode was a rushed attempt to tie all loose ends. But viewers were not given the closure they were looking for. A few unanswered questions are left hanging. For example, what will happen to Drogon? A full-grown dragon is out there somewhere. Also, can we please have a separate series that follows Arya’s adventures? What will Jon do now as he rides north of the Wall with the wildlings?

Instead of an ending that did justice to all the wait and the hype, what we got was an ending that was convenient, but not convincing. It was a betrayal of sorts because many character arcs that were developed over the years were abruptly ended. Maybe if the makers had taken some more time to establish the subplots better and then had come to the climax, it wouldn’t have felt so hurried and forced.

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19 details you might have missed in Game Of Thrones Season 8 Episode 6




Game Of Thrones series finale finally aired and it had many scenes that shocked and surprised the fans. As usual the episode was filled with a lot details and callbacks. So let’s take a look at the details that you might have missed in Game Of Thrones Season 8 Episode 6: The Iron Throne

1. Changes in the opening credits

This season the opening credits have been changing to reflect the important events that have happened and we got to see that one last time in the series finale. In the previous episode the scorpions made an appearance on the gates and Daenerys destroyed them along with most of King’s Landing and that was reflected in the latest opening credits. The scorpions were gone and we could see a destroyed King’s Landing.

20 details you might have missed in Game Of Thrones Season 8 Episode 6

We saw the cracks on the map floor in the last episode floor and we could see the same in the opening credits and the best part was that the crack patterns were exactly the same.

20 details you might have missed in Game Of Thrones Season 8 Episode 6

In addition to that, the Lannister sigil was missing from the Throne Room as Daenerys successfully overthrew Cersei Lannister.

20 details you might have missed in Game Of Thrones Season 8 Episode 6



2. Daenerys made a reference to her season 6 speech to the Dothraki

After capturing King’s Landing, Daenerys spoke with her army and she told the Dothraki that they killed her enemies in iron suits, tore down their houses and gave her the Seven Kingdoms.

Back in season 6, she gave a speech to the Dothraki and here’s what she said:

“Every Khal who ever lived chose 3 blood riders to fight beside him and guard his way. But I am not a Khal. I will not choose three blood riders. I choose you all. I will ask more of you than any Khal has asked his Khalassar. Will you ride the wooden horses across the black salt sea? Will you kill my enemies in their Iron suits and tear down their stone houses? Will you give me the Seven Kingdoms, the gift Khal Drogo promised me before the Mother of Mountains?”


3. Break the Wheel

Daenerys asked her soldiers if they would break the wheel with her. This was a reference to her season 5 scene with Tyrion where she told him, “I am not going to stop the wheel. I am going to break the wheel.”


4. Did you bring any wine?

When Jon Snow came to visit Tyrion in his prison cell, his first question was, “Did you bring any wine?”

This is a callback to the scene in season 4 where Tyrion was thrown in the dungeon after being accused of poisoning King Joffrey. When Podrick came to visit him, he said that he had brought wine for Tyrion, but the soldiers took it from him. However, he managed to smuggle in some candles, quills, parchment, Duck sausage and some hard cheese.

It appears that he expected Jon to smuggle some food and wine for him.


5. Love is the death of duty

While speaking with Jon, Tyrion mentioned that love is more powerful than reason, while giving the example of his brother and Jon responded by saying, “Love is the death of duty.” A visibly impressed Tyrion Lannister asked Jon if he came up with those lines on his own and Jon clarified that it was Maester Aemon who had said this a long time ago.

Tyrion then said, “Duty is the death of love,” and it’s an important statement as Jon went on and killed Daenerys later in the episode and he had done the same thing with Ygritte, when he abandoned her so that he could reach Castle Black and inform everyone what the Wildlings were planning.


6. The parallel between Jon Snow and Ned Stark

Tyrion tried his best to explain why it was important for Jon to eliminate the biggest threat to the people. However, Jon wasn’t in the mood to listen as he was loyal to his queen and he started leaving. That’s when Tyrion mentioned Jon’s sisters. He told Jon that his sisters didn’t bend the knee and Daenerys would execute them in the future and that’s when Jon had a change of heart. That’s when he realized that he would have to kill Daenerys if he wanted to see his sisters alive.

This scene was similar to the scene between Varys and Ned Stark. Ned was rotting in the dungeons and he didn’t care about his life. Varys suggested that if he kept the information about Joffrey’s parentage a secret, he would be given a  chance to take the Black and join the Night’s Watch but the honourable Ned Stark said no. That’s when Varys asked Ned, “What of your daughters’ life my lord?”

Both Ned and Jon took tough decisions to make sure that their family survived.


7. Daenerys’ vision

Back in season 2, Daenerys had a vision where she was inside the destroyed Throne Room in the Red Keep and she started walking towards the Iron Throne and before she could touch it, she turned away after hearing the sounds made by her Dragons.

In the latest episode we finally saw it happening and the scene was framed exactly in the same way as it was framed in her vision. However, there was one small change as she did touch the Iron Throne but at that moment Jon Snow entered the room and she walked away from the Iron Throne.


8. Daenerys made a reference to George R. R. Martin’s version of the Iron Throne

While speaking with Jon in the Throne Room, Daenerys spoke with Jon about the Iron Throne and how she imagined it to be when she was a kid. “I imagined a mountain of swords too high to climb.”

This was a reference to George R. R. Martin’s Iron Throne as he had a completely different image of it while writing the books. He even wrote a blog post about this topic, which was titled, The Real Iron Throne.

“It’s not the Iron Throne I see when I’m working on THE WINDS OF WINTER. It’s not the Iron Throne I want my readers to see. The way the throne is described in the books… HUGE, hulking, black and twisted, with the steep iron stairs in front, the high seat from which the king looks DOWN on everyone in the court… my throne is a hunched beast looming over the throne room, ugly and assymetric…”

Take a look at Martin’s version of the Iron Throne that was painted by Marc Simonetti.

Iron Throne in the books Game Of Thrones


9. The Azor Ahai prophecy

HBO releases photos from Game Of Thrones Season 8 Episode 6: The Iron Throne

According to legends, Azor Ahai drove his sword through his wife, Nissa Nissa’s heart to create the Lightbringer, which was the Red Sword of Heroes. Many fans were expecting this to happen as they considered Jon Snow to be Azor Ahai and that would make Daenerys Targaryen Nissa Nissa.

However, the scene didn’t perfectly match the prophecy as Nissa Nissa’s death resulted in the creation of Lightbringer, which was used to defeat the darkness, while Daenerys’ death ended the darkness that would’ve spread across the world if Daenerys continued doing what she did in King’s Landing.


10. Howland Reed?

Tyrion’s trial was attended by lords and ladies from all over Westeros and there were a few unknown faces that we got to see. There’s speculation that one of those people might be Howland Reed.

details you might have missed in Game Of Thrones Season 8 Episode 6

We saw Howland Reed for the first time in Bran Stark’s vision at the Tower of Joy. Since then we haven’t seen him in in the show. Howland Reed is Jojen and Meera’s father and also the head of House Reed and he was one of the few people who knew the truth of Jon Snow’s parentage.

details you might have missed in Game Of Thrones Season 8 Episode 6

In the latest episode, one of the lords who was present at the meeting, wore a distinctive piece of cloth over his shoulder and it’s similar to the one that was worn by Howland Reed in Bran’s vision and even their swords seemed to be similar. However, there’s no confirmation about this and we can just hope that a cast or crew member from the Game Of Thrones team talks about this.


11. Piss off the edge of the World

Bran was chosen as the new King of Westeros and he decided that it would be best for Jon Snow to join the Night’s Watch. Tyrion, who was now the new Hand of the King, came to give this news to Jon and while he was leaving the prison cell, Jon said, “I don’t expect we’ll ever see each other again.”

“I wouldn’t be so sure. A few years as Hand of the King would make anyone want to piss off the edge of the world,” replied Tyrion.

In the second episode of season 1, a cheerful Tyrion told Cersei and Jaime that he wanted to stand on top of the Wall and piss off the edge of the World.

After he reached the Wall, he did piss from the top, while Jon was standing behind him.


12. What’s West of Westeros?

When Jon was saying goodbye to Sansa, Arya and Bran, he told Arya that she could come and visit him at Castle Black but Arya revealed that she wasn’t going back North. When Sansa asked her about her plans, she asked them, “What’s West of Westeros?”

When Jon said that he didn’t know, Arya replied, “No one knows. It’s where all the maps stop. That’s where I am going.”

In season 6 Arya was recovering at Lady Crane’s house after being stabbed by the Waif. When Lady Crane asked her where would she go next, she replied, “Essos is East and Westeros is West but what’s West of Westeros?” When Lady Crane said she didn’t know, Arya responded by saying, “Nobody does. It’s where all the maps stop.”


13. Ser Brienne of Tarth becomes the Lord Commander of the King’s Guard just like her ancestor Ser Duncan the Tall

Towards the end, we saw that Brienne had become the Lord Commander of the King’s Guard. A few years back George R. R. Martin had revealed that Ser Duncan the Tall was Brienne’s ancestor and it’s wonderful to see that just like her ancestor even she became the Lord Commander.

Another interesting thing is that Ser Duncan was the Lord Commander during the reign of King Aegon V Targaryen and Ser Brienne became the Lord Commander during the reign of Bran Stark, who’s related to another Aegon Targaryen.


14. A Song of Ice and Fire details you might have missed in Game Of Thrones Season 8 Episode 6

Samwell presented Tyrion with a book on the War of the Five Kings and it was titled, “A Song of Ice and Fire,” which is the name of book series on which Game Of Thrones is based.  Archmaester Ebrose wrote the book and we first found out about it in season 7, when the Archmaester told Samwell that he was working on a book that was titled, “A Chronicle of the Wars Following the Death of King Robert I”

When Ebrose asked Samwell, what name would he have given to the book, Sam replied by saying, “Possibly something a bit more poetic.”

It turns out the Archmaester listened to Sam and gave the book a poetic title or maybe it was Samwell who suggested the title.


15. Jackass and Honeycomb

Over the years Tyrion has tried to complete his Jackass and Honeycomb joke a number of times and not once did he get a chance to finish it. He first mentioned it in season 1, when he was in the Vale.

He was in Meereen when he mentioned it the 2nd time.

In the latest episode, he started the joke for the third time and the scene cut away immediately and now we will never find out about the joke.


16. Arya sailing West mirrors her scene from season 4

Towards the end, we saw Arya sailing West and the scene perfectly mirrors her scene from season 4 finale, where she’s sailing to the East.


17. Sansa’s crown

Throughout the series we have seen Sansa trying to replicate Cersei’s style and it represented how she was learning from Cersei and we got one last example of it as the crown that was placed on Sansa’s head was similar to the crown we saw after Cersei became the Queen.

details you might have missed in Game Of Thrones Season 8 Episode 6

details you might have missed in Game Of Thrones Season 8 Episode 6


18. Parallels between the first and last scene of the series

The show ends with Jon going North of the Wall with Tormund and other Wildlings. The scene was shot in the same way the pilot episode was shot.

details you might have missed in Game Of Thrones Season 8 Episode 6

details you might have missed in Game Of Thrones Season 8 Episode 6

Even the part where they went past the Wall was filmed in the same way.

details you might have missed in Game Of Thrones Season 8 Episode 6

details you might have missed in Game Of Thrones Season 8 Episode 6


19. The parallel between Jon Snow and Frodo Baggins

George R. R. Martin has said many times that he has been influenced by The Lord of the Rings and we can those influences in the show as well. In The Lord of the Rings, Frodo, who’s the main character decides to sail away to the Undying Lands in the end and we saw Jon Snow doing something similar when he went past the Wall, leaving his home behind.

What are your thoughts about these details? Please let me know in the comments section if I have missed anything.

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