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Let’s take a quick recap of Game of Thrones Season 7 with GIFs




Game Of Thrones season 7 GIFs by Wiki Of Thrones

The first episode of the new season of Game of Thrones airs tonight and we can’t be any less excited about it. While what comes next will be revealed today, of course, starting off with the reunions of some of our favourite characters, a quick recap is something we need hours ahead of the premiere.

We can visualise Westeros burning blue with Night King’s new mount Viserion this season along with a number of theories and some wishful thinking like the much-hyped Cleganebowl, and much more. The last season did leave us with some clues for the end-game in Season 8. Here’s a quick recap of the Seventh Season, explained in the gifs that we had created for each episode:

#Episode 1: Dragonstone

The first episode of Season 7 begins with the eventual fate of House Frey by Arya Stark, who wipes out its existence from the map of Westeros. Bran crosses the Wall with Meera Reed to get back home. In the North, Jon Snow as the King in the North,  prepares the defences, asking all to play a part in the Great War. He decides to forgive the Karstarks and the Umbers even when they had betrayed the Starks, not taking into account Sansa’s advice.

Cersei takes a walk on the newly painted map of Westeros, discussing the future of their House with Jaime. Euron Greyjoy becomes her newest ally promising her a valuable gift. Samwell Tarly is under training at Old Town – on his journey of being a Maester. Lastly, we see a brief encounter between him and Ser Jorah Mormont, while Daenerys Targaryen makes her way back home – landing at Dragonstone.

#Episode 2: Stormborn

The second episode of Season 7 begins with a confrontation between Varys and Daenerys – who judges his loyalty. Melisandre arrives at Dragonstone, asking Dany to summon Jon Snow. Jon receives two letters – one from Dany and the other from Samwell Tarly. Based on Sam’s confirmation of Dragonglass on Dragonstone, Jon decides to go and meet the Dragon Queen, while facing a revolt from the Northerners. Sam tries to heal Jorah’s Greyscale – a gross scene.

Arya Stark upon hearing that Jon is King in the North decides to head back to Winterfell, only to meet with her long-lost direwolf Nymeria. Cersei in King’s Landing tries to persuade her bannermen to support her instead of the Mad King’ daughter. Dany holds a meeting, where her allies Ellaria Sand, Yara Greyjoy, and Queen Ollena give a nod to Tyrion Lannister’s plan of storming King’s Landing.  Euron Greyjoy attacks Yara’s fleet which results in Yara and Ellaria along with Tyene Sand being captured. Theon being fearful, leaps down the ship.

#Episode 3: The Queen’s Justice

This episode begins with Jon arriving at Dragonstone to meet Dany, who is only concerned about the threat of the White Walkers and isn’t ready to bend the knee to a Targaryen. Dany learns that she has lost her two valuable allies Greyjoys and the Martells. Theon is rescued from the sea – who is mistreated by the Ironborn for failing to save Yara. Yara, Ellaria, and Tyene are paraded through King’s Landing to be presented as a gift to Cersei Lannister.

Cersei poisons Tyene Sand – an act of revenge against Ellaria and justice for her deceased daughter Mrycella. Bran arrives at Winterfell and reunites with Sansa – the acting Lady of Winterfell. Dany sends the Unsullied to capture Casterly Rock, while most of the Lannisters are absent. Lannisters and Tarlys attack Highgarden, plundering it to pay the debts of Iron Bank. Jaime confronts Olenna Tyrell, gives her poison to drink. Before dying, Olenna confesses to having poisoned Joffrey at the Purple Wedding.

#Episode 4: Spoils of War

Arya Stark arrives at Winterfell, reuniting with her siblings Sansa and Bran. Meera Reed leaves for her home. Jon and Dany discuss the legend of the last Long Night, based on ancient carvings in the cave of Dragonglass. Dany is filled with anger when she learns that they’ve lost Highgarden too. Theon Greyjoy arrives at Dragonstone to ask for Dany’s help, who at first is choked by Jon for betraying the Stark and then learns that Dany isn’t on Dragonstone.

Bronn and Jaime make their way to King’s Landing with the plundered gold and grains only to be ambushed by Dany and the Dothrakis. Many Lannisters are killed and Jaime attempts to end the Battle by killing Dany. He is about to be roasted by Drogon, while being saved by Bronn.

#Episode 5: Eastwatch

The episode begins with Dany demanding the survivors of the Battle to bend the knee while roasting Tarlys alive. Jaime and Bronn return to King’s Landing. Jon meets with Drogon for the first time. Much to Dany’s surprise, Drogon allows Jon to pet him.

Bran wargs into a bunch of ravens to Eastwatch only to learn that Night King is arriving soon. While Jon learns the same and demands to leave for Winterfell, Tyrion suggests him to present a wight to Cersei in order to get the support of King’s Landing in the great war.

Davos smuggles Tyrion to King’s Landing while meeting with Gendry in Flea Bottom. Gendry follows Davos to Dragonstone, while Jon and company head for Eastwatch by the Sea. Sam being bored of the monotony of the Citadel, leaves Old Town with Gilly and Baby Sam.

Littlefinger being aware of Arya spying on him unearths Sansa’s letter to Robb. Jon, Jorah, Gendry, and Davos reach Eastwatch by the Sea and unite with Tormund and Brotherhood Without Banners and head for their ‘wight-hunting’ expedition.

#Episode 6: Beyond the Wall

Jon and party travel North of the Wall and we see a few small talks between characters like Jon and Jorah, Tormund and Sandor Clegane, and Gendry with the Brotherhood until they are attacked by an undead Polar Bear. Thoros of Myr is severely injured, while they continue their mission. Arya plays the Game of Faces with Sansa, judging her loyalty to Jon. Daenerys has a discussion with Tyrion and gets furious when the subject of succession is brought about.

Jon and party encounter a couple of wights lead by a White Walker. Jon kills the Walker, and they try to capture a wight while being ambushed by a hundred thousand wights and the Night King. Gendry being the fastest of them, runs back to Eastwatch to send a raven to Dany, informing her of the ambush. Dany arrives in time to save them but loses Viserion who is killed by the Night King. Jon is left behind only to be rescued by Benjen Stark. Dany makes a promise to Jon to fight alongside him to avenge the death of her dragon.  The Night King resurrects Viserion as a White Walker to be his mount.

#Episode 7: The Dragon and The Wolf

The ultimate episode of Season 7 begins with Jon and Daenerys presenting the captured wight to Cersei in order to get her support in the Great War. While initially, Cersei agrees to help, yet she is pissed when Jon says he can’t pledge his loyalty to her. Tyrion tries to persuade her, and she agrees to help after their small conversation. Sansa discovers Arya’s faces while she continues the Game of Faces. Littlefinger tries to take advantage of the chaos, turning the sisters against each other. Jon and Dany plan for their Journey to Winterfell, while Theon asks permission to try rescuing his sister. Theon Greyjoy indulges in a fight while gaining the respect of the Ironborn, while Littlefinger is executed by Arya.

Cersei reveals her plan to Jaime of betraying Jon and Dany, while a disgusted Jaime abandons her to honour his pledge. Sam arrives at Winterfell while discovering with Bran that Jon is a legitimate Targaryen named Aegon and that Robert’s rebellion was built on a lie. Jon and Daenerys on their way to Winterfell make love, while Tyrion gives a concerned look. Sansa and Arya reconcile, while Bran wargs and flies a flock of ravens to Eastwatch. Night King mounted on Viserion melts a portion of the Wall at Eastwatch by the Sea. The Army of The Dead breaches the Wall, while Tormund and Beric barely escape.

Season 8 premieres tonight and you can watch it on HBO in usa and if you live in India, you can watch Game Of Thrones online on Hotstar!

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Salma Hayek can’t wait to work with Kit Harington in Marvel’s The Eternals




Salma Hayek can't wait to work with Kit Harington in Marvel's The Eternals

Game of Thrones has such a big fan following that many Hollywood actors themselves are big fans of the show, and are known to have a fan moment when they run into the cast. We saw one come from one of the most celebrated Hollywood actresses, Salma Hayek, who expressed her excitement about working with Kit Harington. Read on!

Kit Harington, who played the role of Jon Snow on the show was recently announced to be joining the Marvel Cinematic Universe with The Eternals. He will be playing the role of the Black Knight, a.k.a. Dane Whitman, joining his former onscreen brother Richard Madden (Robb Stark). Also a part of the cast is Salma Hayek, who seems to have recently met Kit for what could possibly be a first table read or something similar for the film. She posted a picture with him to Instagram, with a caption expressing her excitement about working with him:

Well, there’s no denying that Kit, Robb, Salma and others will be amazing in this movie. Set for a 2020 release, we’re expecting to hear more and more about the film in the upcoming months. Are you guys excited yet? Tell us in the comments, down below!

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Most viewers were satisfied with the final season of Game of Thrones, says online poll




Most viewers were satisfied with the final season of Game of Thrones; says an online poll

Game of Thrones is one of the most talked-about things in recent times. Although one means no disrespect towards the saga of Ice and Fire, the popular opinion has seemed to lean towards the negative during and after the show’s final season. Inconsistent character arcs, premature swansong, lack of explanation, etc. were some of the opinions floating around the internet and our social circles. The dissatisfaction felt very real when more than a million people signed a petition to urge HBO to remake the final season.

While it’s easy to take the Mountain i.e. the Game of Thrones down on negative howls, it takes a lot more than a Hound to actually do so. YouGov, internet-based market research and data analytics firm proved the same with a recently conducted online survey. It has revealed some interesting data related to our beloved show and its reception among the viewers. And it’s not all negative. Read on!

Most viewers were satisfied with the final season of Game of Thrones; says an online poll

The company conducted the digital poll keeping Emmy’s in the eye. It speaks for the nominated shows on behalf of 2475 US adults selected from a panel of 1.2 million individuals. The sample size doesn’t seem so significant and even limits the geography to the USA. Yet it can account for popular opinion due to random sampling involved in the selection of the participants.

Without any further ado, let’s dive into the findings that pertain to Game of Thrones.

The extent of satisfaction: 52% of participants said that they were “very satisfied” or “somewhat satisfied” with the final season of Game of Thrones. So yeah, most people seem to be satisfied. However, 41% expressed that they were unsatisfied, with 7% choosing no sides. Not the result one anticipated for Game of Thrones before the final season aired.

Outstanding Drama Series: 18% of people chose the HBO series as the most deserving show to win the Outstanding Drama Series at the Emmy’s; the most for any show. We know that there’s going to be no more Game of Thrones, at least not in the present form. So, it could be an emotional choice or perhaps a callback for the cumulative experience the series has generated over the years. Or maybe, they genuinely liked the whole thing!

Level of Engagement with the show: 18% said that they had watched every single episode of Game of Thrones to date; while a whopping 44% have neither watched a single episode nor intend to; again the most among all the shows. This feels ironical; a show that got more eyeballs than any other show has also managed to escape the fancy of an equally huge number.

David Benioff and D.B. Weiss: When asked if they would be interested in watching something that the Game of Thrones showrunners make, 29% expressed an interest while 38% chose to be uninterested in their future ventures. The duo has received the maximum flak for the final season not being up to the mark. No wonder, the results don’t reflect otherwise.

Now, these revelations are not set in stone nor do they speak on behalf of everyone. There is even a margin of statistical error in the analysis itself. But they do involve a methodology and represent a general trend towards the sought-after show. Game of Thrones has sparked conversations with every new season since its inception. And it’s still very much alive, especially with multiple promising prequels in the pipeline. In spite of all that, we can hardly say that the show got an ideal farewell from the viewers.

Most viewers were satisfied with the final season of Game of Thrones; says an online poll


If you were to ask us, we would say we were content with the final result; i.e. the final position of every character in Westeros or to the West of it (Arya), although we don’t think this was the best way to reach there. What do you guys think? Tell us in the comments below.

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Emilia Clarke is vacationing in India with Rose Leslie, reveals details on Instagram




Emilia Clarke is vacationing in India with Rose Leslie, reveals details on Instagram

Game of Thrones stars have had one of the more stressful jobs of the decade, being so popular, and acting in a show that has an intense production as well as the attention surrounding it. So it’s understandable when you hear that the Mother of Dragons, Emilia Clarke, is currently on a spiritual vacation to India, accompanied by none other than Rose Leslie, who played Ygritte, and they seem to be having a great time. Read on!

Emilia recently posted a bunch of pictures through an Instagram post, showing her and Rose having the best time in India, and even getting robbed by some monkeys. Check it out:

Emilia says in a hashtag in the caption that she was at Ananda Spa Himalayas, and then discusses her off time spent in India with her bestie, Rose Leslie. Looks like the pair left Kit Harington behind on this little trip. Emilia also revealed that they were robbed by monkeys, which is quite a common sight in some parts of India and even included a picture of a bunch of adorable monkeys caught red-handed.

Emilia also seemed to have gotten some reading done in her time in India, and it seems like it was, all in all, a relaxing trip after a decade on Game of Thrones. That’s not all, a while ago, Emilia had revealed that she was about 1/8th Indian, through her grandmother that was half Indian, and that she loved that part of herself.

Well, it’s unclear if the pair are still in India, but you might spot them around if they are. Talk to us in the comments, down below!

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